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Former President Donald Trump talks with Governor Greg Abbott in Eagle Pass during a visit to the U.S.-Mexico border on February 29, 2024.Mere months ago, Governor Greg Abbott suffered one of the biggest face-plants of his long career. Even after commanding the Texas Legislature to meet in two special sessions, vetoing the bills of unyielding lawmakers, and threatening to campaign against any legislator who crossed him, Abbott failed to convince the Republican-controlled House to pass a voucher plan that would use taxpayer funds to subsidize private school tuition. Rarely, if ever, had the governor risked so much political capital for so little return. Then came the first major test of Abbott’s promised revenge tour. In a January special election, the Abbott-backed pro-voucher candidate, Brent Money, lost. Abbott should be reeling from a humiliating defeat on his biggest policy priority. Instead, he’s at the height of his power. That’s…

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