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The Primary Race That MAGA Candidates Say is "America's Last Stand"Tony Gonzales is missing. That was the unmistakable theme of the Republican primary debate for the Twenty-third Congressional District, a polity larger than North Carolina that spans much of southwest Texas, in early February. The two-term congressman’s absence at his own public flaying was referenced twice before the start of the main event, held in San Antonio’s Aggie Park by hosts who theatrically refused to say his name aloud. First, Bexar County GOP chair Jeff McManus, wearing the blue suit–red tie combination favored by Donald Trump, expressed his profound disappointment in the “one person missing.” Then, platinum-haired moderator Kimi-Lyn Reed worked her way across the stage introducing each candidate before teasing Gonzales with a loaded “and . . . ,” trailing off and devolving into laughter. The crowd followed…

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