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The San Antonio Zoo Is Selling a Valentine's Day Candle That Smells Like Hippo PoopAh, February in South Texas, when a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love! They preen, they sing, they . . . fling poop?It might not sound romantic to you, but it’s the peak of debonair deportment if you’re a hippo, like the San Antonio Zoo’s Timothy. It turns out male hippos literally aim to spread the love, attracting mates by windmilling feces around with their tails. The behavior is a little bit like a teenage boy dousing himself in Axe body spray before heading to the prom. Now that Timothy is a young adult, at almost nine years old, his keepers say he’s been perfecting his slinging skills, and he’s lent his, um, signature scent to the zoo’s latest fundraiser: a poop-scented Hippo Love Candle, on…

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