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Danny-Kamerath-Artist-Woodworker-chairs-LlanoI’m standing in Danny Kamerath’s kitchen in Llano holding a dustpan and broom. There isn’t a crumb or speck of dirt on the floor. But even if there were, I wouldn’t feel right sweeping them up. Unlike the plastic sweep sets shoved away in pantries and utility closets, this one, elaborately carved from rare cocobolo wood and burnished to a buttery finish, belongs in a museum. Or maybe a palace. The price tag? $2,700.  “I suspect it will never really be used as a broom,” Kamerath tells me. Kamerath, 68, just might be Texas’s most innovative woodworker. He makes gobsmackingly beautiful objects and furniture, a lot of which reflects his quiet humor. Picture a melting chair you can’t actually sit in, or a stool shaped like a…

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