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One 90 Smoked MeatsKyle St. Clair just might have the most immaculate barbecue pits in Texas. He used to think the fleet of Oyler rotisserie smokers at his One90 Smoked Meats, in Dallas, were clean, but that was before he met a USDA inspector. While One90 mainly sells takeout sandwiches, St. Clair had to build a large kitchen to appease crowds driven to his restaurant by a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives episode and to support a booming catering business. Once he had the off-site smokehouse humming, he figured why not package and sell his barbecue at local grocery stores? All he would need was sign-off from the USDA. How hard could it be to get the approval of the federal government?“It was soul-crushing when [the inspector] first came,”…

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