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A Grackle in Austin Fell in Love With a Tennis Ball and Went Viral on Reddit.Kong didn’t know it yet, but on the morning of May 15, as she sat demurely on the damp back lawn of a home in North Austin’s Wooten neighborhood, true love was on the way. Her orblike body was pocked with teeth marks, her yellow felt stained with slobber. Her expression was as implacable as the Mona Lisa’s. It wouldn’t be long now before she was scooped up and tossed unceremoniously in the trash, depleted and forgotten and cruelly unloved. Kong was mulling this over when she saw a flash of iridescent purple and black in the maple tree above her, followed by a shrieking “readle-eak” that could only mean “I’m here, my love. I’m here for you at last.”Meanwhile, inside the home, Austin psychotherapist…

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