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Lege Watch: Gender Affirming CareThe bill: Senate Bill 1029Filed by: Bob Hall, Republican, Senate District 2 (Rockwall)What it would do: Hall’s bill would create liability for health insurance companies and health-care providers if they offer what the legislation defines as “gender modification procedures or treatment” in adult patients. Those treatments include surgeries such as castrations, phalloplasties, and vaginoplasties, as well as much more common procedures such as hysterectomies, mastectomies, and vasectomies—but only when offered to transgender patients seeking gender-affirming care. The bill also includes nonsurgical treatments such as puberty-blocking medications (which are typically given to transgender youths, not adults) and estrogen and testosterone therapies. The bill would leave an insurer and/or provider offering such treatments financially responsible for “the patient’s medical, mental health, and pharmaceutical costs, including costs associated with…

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