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Lege Watch: Preventing Local Governments From Providing Logistical Support for Abortion CareThe bill: House Bill 61Filed by: Candy Noble, Republican, District 89 (Lucas, northeast of Dallas)What it would do: The bill would prohibit a governmental entity from entering into a “taxpayer resource transaction” or spending money to provide any person with logistical support for abortion care. As defined by the legislation, logistical support includes travel to or from an abortion provider, lodging, food, childcare, counseling, and “any other service that facilitates the provision of an abortion.” The bill allows Attorney General Ken Paxton to file suit and recover attorney’s fees if a city violates the potential law.The Republican lawmaker’s bill is the latest in a long line of not-so-subtle attacks on the city of Austin’s support for abortion care. A 2019 law (Senate Bill 22) passed…

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