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Bush Combat Development Complex at Texas A&MWith an animalistic growl, the armored infantry carrier lurches toward a ten-foot-deep trench, its two-person crew peering from the twin front hatches. The beefy machine, standing eight feet high atop eight thick wheels, doesn’t slow as it crosses the water-filled hazard, then makes a sharp turn toward the next obstacle—a flat-topped pyramid formed by steep inclines, some at 45 degrees. After cresting that, it carries its handful of helmeted passengers across a patch of rubble-strewn terrain, down a straightaway drag strip to test its top speed, and along an undulating concrete path that rattles its suspension. The M1126 Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle and the eight soldiers from Fort Hood who operate it, led by First Sergeant Thomas Rowe, are taking turns practicing on a course just…

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