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Carla Rockmore profile“I hope you’re not disappointed,” Carla Rockmore warns me. “It looks bigger in the photos.” The Dallas-based influencer is talking about her closet—the closet, as I, and likely her other almost two million social media followers, think of it. We step inside, and I see what she means. On TikTok, the two-story room yawns around the 55-year-old like Aladdin’s cave, its walls shimmering with bright silk scarves and glossy brocade coats, velvet platform heels, vintage baubles, and designer bags in every shape and color. In person, it looks far less like the fantasia I’d imagined and a bit more like an ordinary, overstuffed suburban closet—albeit one with a spiral staircase and a fireplace.  It’s only when I ask her how to style a pair of…

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