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Roar of the Crowd "Trouble at the 'Lord's Mill'"On the RecordThe feature John Spong wrote on Willis Alan Ramsey touched my heart and made my eyes leak [“You Never Forget Your First,” June 2022]. I’ve been a fan since 1972, when I was in college. I’ve worn out two vinyls, several 8-track tapes, and a couple of CDs. I’m a retired arts editor for two small newspapers in northeast Texas. One of the highlights of my career was to track Willis down for an interview. I had to remember to breathe. Your piece was the best I’ve ever read. Willis’s eleven songs have provided the soundtrack to my life.Terry Mathews, Winnsboro Cowboy DadsFor me, there was a lot more packed into the life of Boots O’Neal than words on a page [“The Bronc-Busting, Cow-Punching,…

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