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Rockin' G ATV on Main St with Matt Tumlinson and David Bond's Bob Wills mural.If you’ve spent more than three beers in a honky-tonk, you’ve surely heard Waylon Jennings preaching from the jukebox, “Once you’re down in Texas, Bob Wills is still the king.” That boast might be up for debate in some parts of the state, but in Turkey, Bob’s hometown, it’s the gospel truth.I learned this firsthand during the last weekend of April, when I traveled to the tiny Panhandle town, about a hundred miles southeast of Amarillo, to attend the fiftieth annual Bob Wills Day festival. Hailed as the “Super Bowl of Western Swing,” the three-day event drew more than ten thousand people this year. All had made the pilgrimage to celebrate Wills and the sound he pioneered, a blend of big-band jazz, frontier fiddle, tejano…

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