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Before Vivica Perry, the reigning Miss Gay Texas USofA Classic, can take the stage for the opening number, there are sequins to glue, nerves to quell, and rings the size of teacup saucers to slip onto manicured hands.In a large downstairs space beneath the chandeliered Ballroom at Bayou Place in downtown Houston, Regina Dane, Symphony McKnight Capri, and Topaz sit patiently in their makeup chairs. The eleven pageant contestants don silk robes or wraps as makeup artists apply lashes, blot lipstick, and unleash lethal bursts of hair spray. Tangerine tulle capes and ruby-red sequined dresses spill out of hanging bags, telegraphing the glamour to come. Then there are the museum-worthy wigs that, even on their stands, look like priceless works of art. How the contestants…

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