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The Problem With ErikListen to this episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Read the transcript below. Subscribe Apple Podcasts — Spotify “Maund was freaking out. Everything is at a fever pitch, and that’s when Gilad Peled says, ‘The guys on the ground have offered to take him out.’ ”—Rob McGuireFacing the blackmail threat, Erik Maund decides not to pay up or go to the police. Instead, he turns to Gil Peled, a security guy at the Maund family car dealership who seems qualified to solve sensitive problems. Built like a bodybuilder, Peled claims to have experience in the Israeli special forces, and he spent years in Hollywood protecting Charlie Sheen. But Gil Peled isn’t quite the success story he pretends to be.Executive producer is Megan Creydt. The show is reported and written by…

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