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On Wednesday, April 15, 2015, Parish inducted 11 members from the Class of 2015 into the Cum Laude Society. 

The Cum Laude Society was formed in 1906 by a group of schools in the Northeast to recognize students of exceptional scholastic merit. Parish is one of 13 schools in Texas that have been granted a Cum Laude Society chapter, with membership contingent on the quality of our exceptional students - and this group of students was no exception.

The society's motto is Areté, Diké, Timé, which translates from Greek into "Excellence, Justice, Honor."

Our distinguished speaker for this event was Cara Santucci, Parish class of 2014 and member of the Cum Laude Society.

"To the select few being honored today, I offer hearty congratulations. We are here today to celebrate your outstanding scholastic achievement and induct you into the Cum Laude society." said Santucci. "The students recognized today are at the very top of their class. Through hard work and assuming a great deal of academic responsibility through course load and extracurriculars, these seniors have been presented with membership into the Cum Laude Society. It was only a year ago that I sat in these very seats and was honored with entry into the Cum Laude Society. Since then, I have gone off to college and have had the chance to put the skills I gained here at Parish to the test." 

Congratulations to the Cum Laude Society inductees from the Class of 2015:

Kanav Chhabra
Anna Cole
Audrey Gibbons
Davis Larkin
Peter Lee
Elizabeth Mayfield
Josh Rector
Maverick Salyards
Jasmine Samei
Trey Sledge
Mark Wilson

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