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ADI Global hired us for the 4th time to design their Resideo branch location’s complete office renovation. As we’ve proven in the past, our corporate interior designs creatively capture the essence of their business and our processes are solid and reliable. So, we were off to Louisville, KY!

We set our sights on success!

  1. Gain the confidence of the Louisville management team, who thought they could do this renovation without a professional designer. The welcome came with stiff arms, and we were out to prove our worth!
  2. Interpret this branch as a “cousin,” not a twin (as their VP of Operations described) of prior branches we’ve designed in Irving, TX and Long Island, NY. They wanted the office to cohesively relate to their brand, yet uniquely stand as its own personality and give their employees an exciting place to come to work every day.
  3. Deliver a fresh look to their space, embracing the historical and nostalgic elements of Louisville, without coming across as gimmicky.

We got to work!

  1. Weekly conference calls began as rapport-building sessions, as we maintained a laser focus on the team’s objectives, proving we were their partners and showing them ways we would make things easier for them, so they could focus on their jobs. They evolved quickly into productive and insightful, yet lighthearted, meetings where we would eventually joke about how “they didn’t want our help”.
  2. Modernized desks with sit/stand features, state-of-the-art video capabilities and visiting stations at nearly every cubicle are just a few of the conveniences we brought to this group’s daily office environment. Multiple conference rooms, huddle spaces and creative areas allow employees to be inspired with just the right amount of privacy or room for lots of participation.
  1. We incorporated unique furnishings and appointments that honored the traditions of Louisville, KY in a modern and sophisticated way. Nods to the baseball, bourbon and horse racing legacies were some of the mainstays. Bluegrassy greens and baseball glove browns led the color palette, along with pops of brighter tones to keep things lively.

We scored!

  1. Resideo celebrated the grand reopening of its offices in Louisville, KY, following 12 months of renovation to modernize the site. The shared site is home to more than 180 team members across Resideo’s ADI Global Distribution and Products & Solutions businesses that span various departments including sales, marketing, customer service, sales support and human resources, among others.
  2. The updated facility fosters innovation and delivers a collaborative work environment for employees. The team was super motivated to return to work in a fun, energizing, ultra-functional environment.
  3. The management team was beyond blown away at the aesthetic execution of all the things that are important to them in their town. They love the balance within the artwork of modern art and traditions like jockey scarves, Mohammed Ali pop art, Louisville Slugger, bluegrass landscapes and fine Bourbon. They are so proud of their new office space and are overwhelmingly appreciative of the look we gave them!

Overall, this commercial design project blends the cherished traditions of Louisville, KY with a modern and sophisticated approach, resulting in a personalized space the team will enjoy daily! Want additional design help to make your commercial space perfect? Contact Nicole Arnold Interiors today!

Feeling inspired?

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