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Which interior design styles does Nicole Arnold Interiors specialize in?

Nicole Arnold Interiors specializes in a wide range of design styles to bring your dream spaces to life—always tailored to your preferences, regardless of style. Our designers are skilled in aligning with our clients’ needs and never rely on a pre-prescribed “look” or clichés of what a particular style should be.

Our overall goal remains: to create unique, timeless looks that offer livable luxury, earning us interior design awards, glowing reviews from our clients and generous referrals for the past 15 years.

Can Nicole Arnold Interiors design one room at a time?

We can and do design single rooms, but we recommend designing a few spaces at once for maximum impact and cost-effectiveness. Combining rooms optimizes fees, reduces overall design time, and leverages our expertise most efficiently.

Transforming a few rooms at once is advantageous to our clients in many ways. This strategy stretches a client’s investment further by allowing us to focus our time on their cohesive look, without having to start and stop several times between projects. We can streamline our design time (reducing fees) and it’s the best way to spread the cost of any fixed fees (i.e., deliveries, installations, etc.). Both the client and we win using this approach.

What is included in the interior design pricing?

We are a full-service firm that prepares a detailed project proposal for each client, including a defined budget and a transparent design process. We break down our fees between a recommended investment level for furnishings and a flat fee for our design time and expertise. Using just an hourly rate can be misleading and adds another variable that might change the final price or limit the time needed to complete the process start to finish. So, by proposing projects using our model, clients get a complete picture of what their total investment will be and can confidently sign up for a defined result.

Learn more about Nicole Arnold and her unique design process.

What should I know before a consultation with my interior designer?

Prepare by defining your project’s ideal investment and preferred timeline. Share key events affecting your project’s schedule, noting personal events or holidays that will impact the project and let your designer know at the beginning of planning. Gather photos that show looks that you’re attracted to, giving your designer defined insight into your preferences.

It’s important to know what you don’t like as much as what you do like, so feel free to point out those examples as well! Note any questions you have about the process and how involved you’d like to be and share those preferences early so we can work together seamlessly on your dream space. Have questions? Give us a call.

Why is Nicole Arnold Interiors the best interior design group for my project?

We provide clients with great designs that are approachably luxurious, uniquely personalized, and will stand the test of time. Additionally, our intent focus on a professional standard and exceptional customer service earn us referrals again and again. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, we may just be your perfect interior design team!

We work directly with many skilled-trade specialists and quality vendors to bring you a level of design that you can’t get elsewhere. With decades of experience and proven processes, we ensure efficient, valuable and memorable results in all of our design projects.

Learn more about Nicole Arnold Interiors and schedule a consultation for your next project!

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As President of an award-winning Dallas interior design firm, Nicole Arnold has earned widespread acclaim for her ability to “make space meaningful” for the customized, personalized residential interiors and the commercial facilities she designs in some of the most prestigious Dallas area communities. Additionally, she has also completed projects nationally in Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arizona, Colorado and New York. She consults and guides custom home builders and realtors so they can enable their clients to visualize their new space. Nicole’s clients benefit from the project management, budgeting, communication, consulting and rapport skills she gained during her highly successful 16-year sales and marketing career with Levi Strauss & Co. Her corporate background enables her to “speak the language” of the executives she now serves. Her leadership expertise has proven invaluable in industry roles such as serving as the president of the Dallas-Ft. Worth chapter and national board member of the Interior Design Society, one of the country’s largest organizations of design professionals. - Contact Nicole at  
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