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Who’s old enough to remember Fuzzy Navels? I am! And, that was the first thing I thought of when I saw this announcement. When Pantone releases its color of the year, so many industries get excited and inspired to drum up new products. This year’s color, Peach Fuzz, is a bit unusual based upon the moodier and deeper tones we’ve been used to over the past decade. But, nonetheless, it will be sure to pop up in droves in the coming months. The automobile industry, apparel, design textiles, tabletop and household items, bedding, etc. all take their cues and then get to work on their special interpretations. And, yes, even food and beverage industry adopts it to some degree.

In terms of paint, this “peach fuzz” is what I would call a “cousin” to the ever-popular blush that’s been in hot demand. It’s a little less brown and a little more orange, but still soft and, technically, a warm tone. Warm tones are really making a resurgence, so accents of peach fuzz should be a welcome color in today’s interior design climate.

Great paint colors to check out with this tone in mind are:

And some fabrics and textures:

We recently designed a home office leveraging this color on the accent wall and complemented the rest of the room with lots of organic and nubby textures. The result: a warm and inviting space where this executive can get her work done in a motivating and personalized space.

Hint: give this tone added depth by combining it with slightly deeper tones either on the same spectrum or a bit off, like dark blush and allow peach fuzz to be the highlight!

As we conclude, raise a glass and welcome this new tone with a toast!

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As President of an award-winning Dallas interior design firm, Nicole Arnold has earned widespread acclaim for her ability to “make space meaningful” for the customized, personalized residential interiors and the commercial facilities she designs in some of the most prestigious Dallas area communities. Additionally, she has also completed projects nationally in Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arizona, Colorado and New York. She consults and guides custom home builders and realtors so they can enable their clients to visualize their new space. Nicole’s clients benefit from the project management, budgeting, communication, consulting and rapport skills she gained during her highly successful 16-year sales and marketing career with Levi Strauss & Co. Her corporate background enables her to “speak the language” of the executives she now serves. Her leadership expertise has proven invaluable in industry roles such as serving as the president of the Dallas-Ft. Worth chapter and national board member of the Interior Design Society, one of the country’s largest organizations of design professionals. - Contact Nicole at  
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