Relocate, Restore, & Refinish Home Furnishings

Moving your prized possessions from one home to a new home is not a job you want to entrust to just anyone. Selecting a moving company who has experience not just lifting and moving heavy items, but who will also handle your most important possessions with responsibility and care is crucial. Not every moving company can move precious family heirlooms and artwork from one home to another without damaging it.

There is a company that can -- the movers at MoveStar are more than just movers, they specialize in moving fine art, and can even provide furniture refinishing and restoration services. Whether you’re moving items in and out of storage, transferring valuable art pieces or looking for help packing, loading and unloading, MoveStar is a company you can trust.

Owned and operated by off-duty firefighters, you can count on the fact that MoveStar movers will treat your family’s possessions with upmost care. MoveStar has a reputation as one of the best moving companies in Dallas. In 2009 and 2010, MoveStar was voted best moving company in North Texas by WFAA.

It’s not simply their moving services that have helped MoveStar gain such accolades, however. MoveStar can help you repair and restore your family’s valuable antiques and pieces of art. From fabricating replacement pieces for lost or broken wood or metal elements to reconstituting old finishes with their own custom formulas, MoveStar will make your favorite pieces come alive again.

MoveStar also offers more than 30,000 square feet of secure, climate controlled storage space at a convenient location near the Galleria mall. When you trust MoveStar to store your personal belongings, every item will be individually catalogued, and the MoveStar professionals will take not of any items that require special care.

There’s no question that MoveStar goes above and beyond moving services. MoveStar has a comprehensive solution to all of your moving needs from packing and storing to moving from one location to the next. You can trust your most precious possessions to the fully insured MoveStar staff, being confident your belongings will be handled with care. 

MoveStar, Inc.
4431 Simonton Rd.
Dallas, Texas 75244



Whether you are moving to a new home or a transition home the process of moving is a lot of hard work that most people do not have the time or desire to do it. The good news is that you don’t have to!

MoveStar is a full-service moving company owned and operated by off-duty firefighters, offering every service you need to make your move as simple as possible.

Our team of professional wraps and packs the contents of your home and carefully transports everything to your new space. We offer fine art moving and installation as well. We can handle everything from fine china, clothing, draperies, toys, books and knick knacks, and we move everything with the same care you would.

Out with the Old in with the New

Being a full-service moving company, MoveStar also offers move-out cleaning services. The last thing most people want to do after an exhausting day of moving is to return to their previous home and scour it clean. Let MoveStar clean your old home, so you can focus on the new.

During a move, it is common to throw out items you have been uselessly holding on to for years or come across items in dire need of repair. MoveStar wants to help you have the “fresh start” inherent to moving to a new home, which is why we offer our clients furniture repair and reupholster services. We offer the following furniture repair services:

  • Repairing and reinforcing weakened structures;
  • Fabricating replacement pieces for lost or broken wood or metal elements;
  • Repairing and replacing damaged or lost veneer and inlay with matching woods;
  • Spot repairing gouges, scratches, scuffs, rings, burns and cracks;
  • Reconstituting old finishes with our custom formulas to make them come alive again;
  • Wide variety of furniture refinishing and repairs.

At MoveStar, we help our customers “get their move on” as easy, simple and painless as possible!

MoveStar, Inc.
4431 Simonton Rd.
Dallas, Texas 75244



The average U.S. resident will move a total of 16 times over the course of their lifetime that’s once every 5 years. When you decide to relocate to another neighborhood, city or just down the street, make sure you hire movers that will handle your belongings with care.

Move Star Inc. are movers you can trust to take care of your belongings and handle your move in a timely and professional matter.

Move Star Inc. is owned and operated by off duty Fire Fighters and Mary Corder. “I believe we are a company that truly cares,” Corder said. “Customer service is extremely important to us, plus who wouldn't want to be part of a hero company.”

Like most important events in your life, moving requires considerable planning.  Move Star’ professionals will come to your home prior to your move and speak with you regarding your needs, answer your questions and help you prepare for “moving day”. Move Star specializes in and offers:

  • Residential and commercial moving,
  • High-rise and luxury residential moving
  • Storage facilities
  • Packing
  • Fine art moving and installation
  • Furniture repair
  • Cleaning services and
  • Full line of moving supplies

Move Star is your complete moving specialist to get you to and from one location to another.

“These guys work hard on duty and off, and I wanted to be part of that,” Corder said.

If you are planning a move, call Move Star Inc. today to request a free quote and/or schedule your move. Don’t trust just anyone with your move, Move Star promises to get the job done to the customer’s satisfaction, no matter how great the challenge is.

Move Star Inc.
4431 Simonton Road
Dallas, TX 75244