Life can feel cluttered, frantic and impossible. When there are simply too many items on your to-do list, and no time left for rest and relaxation, it’s time for a change. For many people, the best solution might be a personal assistant.

“When you have a business, a family, and all of the responsibilities of a household, it can be impossible to keep all of the plates spinning,” said Kim Winblood, owner of MBF Agency, which assists clients in hiring personal assistants, in-home chefs, housekeepers and other household staff. “With a personal assistant, you can offload a wide range of activities, from paying bills to grocery shopping and organizational projects. It can truly change your life and increase your level of freedom.”

A personal assistant can help:

  • Busy families with a large number of activities and commitments
  • Moms who are trying to juggle their children, spouse, extracurricular activities and more
  • Working women who need help with personal errands and family obligations
  • Small business owners who need time to work on and grow their businesses

A well-trained and educated personal assistant can help with a wide range of services, including:

  • Administrative work
  • Travel arrangements
  • Financial support, such as paying bills
  • Special event planning
  • Gift purchasing and wrapping
  • Errands
  • Moving
  • Household management, such as working with vendors and managing organizational projects

While some households utilize a personal assistant full-time, it is possible to bring help in on a part-time basis, Winblood said.

“For example, you might have a standing appointment to have help come in on Mondays,” she said. “They could have set weekly activities you’ve established, such as going grocery shopping or taking clothes to the cleaners. And then, your assistant could work on projects like going through the kids’ old clothes, weeding out closets or helping plan a trip.”

By hiring a personal assistant, you can reap multiple rewards, such as:

  • More time and flexibility. A personal assistant can handle time-consuming, mundane tasks such as errands and shopping. This increases the amount of time you can devote to work, family or relaxation. Plus, when important events arise, you don’t have to worry that clothes won’t be picked up from the cleaners, bills won’t be paid or food won’t be in the refrigerator.
  • Peace of mind. Relying on friends, babysitters or family members can sometimes result in disappointment. Your to-do item likely doesn’t rank as high on their list as you would like. By relying on a professional personal assistant, you are guaranteed high-quality, reliable service stated in their contract. Your priorities are their priorities, too.
  • Reduced stress. You simply cannot be two places at once. By hiring someone to handle certain tasks, you can focus on the most important and enjoyable elements of your schedule. Plus, you will have some much-needed downtime for exercise, a trip to the spa, an outing with the kids or a romantic dinner with your honey.
  • Improved productivity. What if you had four hands? With a personal assistant, you will! Imagine how many tasks you can accomplish with an extra set of legs and even more brainpower.

Many Park Cities families who hire a personal assistant rely on MBF Agency. MBF provides one-on-one customer service, personalized matching and the highest-caliber candidates. Personal assistants have a B.A., B.S. or B.B.A., excellent oral and written communications skills, and computer proficiency, as well as knowledge of business and social protocol. 

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