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In a spirit of unity and cultural celebration, the Asian Culture And Education Society USA in Dallas, Texas recently marked the observance of both Black History Month and Lunar Chinese New Year with a series of heartwarming initiatives and festive events. The society's endeavors aimed not only to honor the diverse cultural heritage of its members but also to spread joy and inclusivity within the community.

As part of their celebrations, the Asian Culture And Education Society USA extended a hand of kindness to the special education children at a local elementary school. Members of the society prepared and distributed red envelopes filled with a delightful assortment of treats including pizzas, toys, goodies, and snacks, along with candies symbolizing the joy and prosperity associated with the Lunar Chinese New Year. This gesture of goodwill brought smiles to the faces of the children and demonstrated the society's commitment to fostering inclusivity and compassion.

The festivities culminated in an annual celebration party hosted by the Asian Culture And Education Society USA. The event served as a vibrant showcase of Asian culture and traditions, featuring a variety of performances and activities for the community to enjoy. Attendees were treated to mesmerizing displays of traditional music, dance, and theatrical performances, which highlighted the richness and diversity of Asian heritage. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, camaraderie, and a shared appreciation for cultural diversity.

Apart from the annual celebration party, the ACAESUSA's Youth Council  special performances for the wider community, actively participating in the events by volunteering and showcasing their talents. These performances were a means to bridge cultural gaps and foster cross-cultural understanding. Through music, dance, and various artistic expressions, the society endeavored to involve and enlighten the community about the beauty and significance of Asian culture.

During these events, we're deeply grateful for the help from Ni Hao, UCA, Gendap, Dallas City Library, the Dallas Police Department, Cesar Chavez Learning Center and TC-2 Mr.Gipson's class. We're truly fortunate to have their support.

Several awards were presented during the event, including the Inspirational ACAESUSA Mentor Award to Gendap President Mrs. Beverly Hill, and Mr. Jay Ho. The AAPI Media Excellence Award was bestowed upon Hojun Choi and Tiffany Liou, while the Inspirational AAPI Leader Award went to Yosselin Muller and Youth Volunteer and Youth Leadership Awards were presented to Eric Wang, Jessica Wu, Amy Xu and Harris Xie.

The Asian Culture And Education Society USA's celebration of Blank History Month and Lunar Chinese New Year exemplifies the power of community and cultural exchange. Through acts of kindness, festive gatherings, and vibrant performances, the society succeeded in spreading joy, fostering inclusivity, and celebrating the rich tapestry of Asian heritage. As the celebrations come to a close, the spirit of unity and cultural appreciation will continue to resonate within the community, leaving a lasting impact on all who participated.


Jan XIe

President of  Asian Culture And Education Society USA




Jan Xie

On February 3rd, 2024, the 2024 Year of The Dragon Lunar TCF New Year Gala wrapped up with resounding success. A multitude of spectators eagerly tuned in to witness the live performance. The attendees showered the show with accolades, praising the actors' remarkable skill and the production's seamless execution. With each act unfolding seamlessly, the gala delivered a series of climactic moments, leaving the audience enthralled and captivated throughout. It truly offered an unparalleled artistic spectacle, leaving the DFW audience thoroughly impressed and delighted. The founder of TCF, Tianle Tong, wishes you and your family a very happy Year of the Dragon! More pictures:

Jan Xie

The 2nd CultureFest took place at Highland Park High School's cafeteria on December 9, showcasing over 40 table displays representing various countries, along with added representations of different regions. The vibrant event included food trucks, arts, crafts, and captivating student performances.

Here is the table showcasing China:

 (Pictures by Truman)

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ACAESUSA Mental Health Matters Day 

On November 12, loud gongs and drums, a lively lion dance performance, and a rousing national anthem filled the air. The Asian Cultural and Educational Society USA (ACAESUSA) hosted "ACAESUSA Mental Health Day" at the Dallas Chinese Event Center. Mayor Richardson BOB proclaimed November 12, 2023, as ACAESUSA Mental Health Matters Day. Dignitaries and experts from the region gathered with the Dallas Chinese community for an unforgettable commemoration of ACAESUSA Mental Health Matters Day.

The celebratory event had two parts. Our fantastic emcees for the event are Jessica Wu, Eric Wang, and Amy Xu. The first part focused on local health matters and was hosted by ACAESUSA, with supporting organizations including Richardson City Council, Dallas City Council, UCA, UCA-DFW team, USSDFA, USSDFA-DFW, GAHD, and DCAA, for their joint efforts to address the issue of mental health among Asians. Professionals such as Kimberly Richards, Hao Zheng, and Ally Wang provided insights on addressing current mental health challenges affecting children and parents.


The second part concentrated on national health matters and was hosted by ACAESUSA in partnership with UCA WAVES. Lily Chen, the director of the United Chinese Americans UCA WAVES Youth Mental Health Collaborative, presented a powerful Big Idea Talk on breaking the silences surrounding mental illness and suicide within the Asian American community.

The event was made possible thanks to the support of Texas State Rep. Matt Shaheen, District 66, Texas State Rep. Carl O. Sherman, Sr., District 109, and thanks to Cindy Tsai, interim President Committee of 100, Haipei Shue, President of UCA, Wang Huang, Board Chair of UCA, Jinli, President of GAHD, and Lizhi Wang, President of USSDFA.

Mrs. Jan Xie, President of the Asian Cultural and Educational Association, expressed gratitude, saying, "Thank you all for your support and love for each other. A few weeks ago, a Chinese American friend of mine, Denial, passed away suddenly and alone in his home, and a few years ago his son, who was a college graduate student, committed suicide. In order to avoid a repeat of this tragedy, let's all join hands and emphasize that mental health matters."

Jan Xie

United Chinese Americans National Board Retreat: Forging a Path to Unity and Progress

By Jan Xie and Ray Liang

The historic town of Lexington, Massachusetts, known for its pivotal role in the birth of the United States, became the backdrop for a different kind of revolution on October 22nd and 23rd, 2023. The United Chinese Americans (UCA) national board convened for its annual retreat at the Lexington Historical Society,  hosted by the UCA Massachusetts (UCA-MA) chapter, New England Chinese American Alliance (NECAA) and Chinese American Association of Lexington (CAAL).

This retreat served as a confluence of minds, a platform where leaders from different parts of the United States came together to discuss, deliberate, and strategize on the challenges confronting the Chinese American community today.

The retreat began with a warm welcome extended by Professor Hua Wang, Chairman of the UCA Board, and UCA MA Chapter President Gary You. Their gracious reception set the stage for a series of insightful discussions that followed.

Haipei Shue, the President of UCA, introduced the purpose and objectives of the retreat, underlining the essence of unity and progress. Board members delved deep into the challenges facing the Chinese American community, addressing issues from healthcare disparities to educational access, and from immigration concerns to employment opportunities.

With a vision of a brighter future, Haipei Shue shared his perspective with the board members, prompting an invigorating exchange of ideas. The attendees, driven by their commitment to a better tomorrow, discussed strategies to bridge the gap and specific action plans to attain their goals.

Beyond the conference room, the retreat offered a unique opportunity to connect with history. Attendees took a guided tour of Lexington, visiting historical landmarks that played a significant role in the birth of the American nation, including the site of the first shot fired during the dawn of the American Revolution and the birth place of American spirit Walden Pond.

A significant portion of the retreat was dedicated to discussions about the upcoming Chinese Americans convention and fundraising initiatives, vital to sustaining the UCA's mission and its commitment to the community.

The retreat concluded on an inspiring note, leaving board members recharged and determined to make strides in growing the UCA and advancing its mission. It was a testament to the resilience and passion of the Chinese American community, committed to advocating for their rights and contributing to the diverse fabric of the United States.

In the spirit of unity and community engagement, a joint dinner was organized, enabling board members to interact with community leaders from New England who attended the New England Community Leadership Summit oct 21. Their positive impressions of the UCA's ethos of "lead, serve, and inspire" further fueled the passion and dedication of the attendees. 

The event witnessed the gathering of over 60 influential figures, including UCA President Haipei Shue, Chairman Hua Wang, incoming Executive Director Ray Liang, past Board Chairmen Steve Pei, Xiaoyan Zhang, Jinjiang Cai, and other dedicated board and executive team members including Gary Yu, Yinong Shen, Jan Xie, Chen Li, Stephanie Sun, Hardy Li, Yingchao Zhang, and Qi Hong, Shirley Ma, Laura Liu, Lining He, Xiaoming Dong, Jack Ding, in addition to distinguished community leaders from New England. Like Ge Qian, Qing Liao, Lei Jing, Feiqi, Tony, Iris Zhao, MaoLi,.Jack,Hailing,Leeying,Lilly,Minwen Yang, Jaclyn, Esther Wilson Yizheng, Xiaodan, Ruru ,Lan Zhang, Olive Jin,Runxuan Shao, Chenfang dai, Ning Zhou, George, jacky, Xinxin, and Daryl Luk...... A memorable highlight of the retreat was the cultural performance by Dr. Yingchao Zhang, who made a remarkable six-hour journey from New Jersey to perform, adding a touch of artistry and culture to the event

The United Chinese American National Board Retreat in Lexington was not just a meeting; it was a manifestation of dedication and purpose. It was an opportunity for leaders to stand together, sharing their visions, building strategies, and leaving with a renewed sense of purpose. As we look ahead, it is clear that the spirit of unity and determination fostered at this retreat will continue to drive positive change and progress for the Chinese American community in the United States.

UCA President Haipei Shue

"I am particularly proud of the donation drive: it broadens the cause of the retreat, connects UCA to the local community, and enriches and makes history in the process - after all, Lexington is "The Birthplace of American Liberty". " by the UCA board chair Wang Hua.


Jan Xie

The Mid-Autumn Festival, a timeless tradition dating back thousands of years across Asian countries and China, coincides with the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, typically occurring in September. It serves as a powerful magnet, drawing Chinese families together under the mesmerizing moonlight. Among the festival's many legends, the tale of Chang'e stands out, with her journey to the moon, accompanied by a white rabbit and a laurel tree.

The Asian Cultural and Education Society USA (ACAESUSA) dedicated volunteers preserve and celebrate this cherished tradition. They extend their love to Chinese Americans and students, enabling them to partake in the Mid-Autumn Festival, a significant event in the lunar calendar. This festival, with centuries of history, has evolved into a contemporary symbol of familial unity, marked by mooncake exchanges and collective moon-gazing, symbolizing happiness and prosperity.

Mooncakes, the festival's highlight, are round pastries filled with delightful ingredients, embodying the essence of reuniting, sharing, and creating cherished memories with loved ones. Our committed volunteers, along with enthusiastic youth committee members, procure mooncakes, delectable food, and beverages to distribute generously to families and schools, nurturing a sense of community and unity.

We appreciate our youth volunteers for helping with the celebration: Ethan Li, Howard Li, Grace Wang, Eric Wang, Joseph Wang, Jessica Wu, Amy Xu, Andy Xu,Jake Ho, Jayson Ho and Her Man Cheung. “the Asian Cultural and Education Society USA extends warm wishes to your family. May your home be filled with mooncakes, and may your reunion be filled with happiness and tranquility. In this celebration that transcends generations and continents, we find unity, and through shared traditions, we discover the essence of community.” By the President of ACAESUSA Jan Xie. 

Jan Xie


On September 16, 2023, ACAESUSA participated in Denton, Texas’s Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration at the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center. Volunteers distributed gifts, including yellow whistles, handmade lantern materials, notebooks, candies, and toys. A set of Chinese history books was also donated. Dr. Rudy shared a compelling story about his advocacy for bilingual education for immigrant minorities as a Latino representative.


Hispanic Heritage Month, originally Hispanic Heritage Week in 1968 and later expanded by President Ronald Reagan in 1988, commemorates the rich history, resistance, and triumphs of Hispanics and Latinos. The event celebrated this history through stories, music, and art, honoring their contributions.

ACAESUSA President Jan Xie expressed gratitude to Denton City and Center Director Muller Yosselin for promoting cultural awareness, traditional culture, and youth education while serving the local community.The event thanked Mayor Gerard Hudspeth and Brian Beck, Brandon McGee, Center Director Muller Yosselin for their support, as well as the Committee of 100 and the Yellow Whistle Project for donating yellow whistles to combat hate against Asians.

ACAESUSA’s Mental Health Program started planning in Washington DC, in partnership with UCA-WAVE, addresses mental health issues among young people and Asians. We invite participation in our November event: Event Sign-up

Jan Xie

The Asian American Unity Coalition (AAUC) successfully hosted the 2023 National AANHPI Unity Summit on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. from September 25-27. Over 100 AANHPI community leaders gathered to discuss key issues.

During the summit, attendees advocated for five important bills, covering topics such as discrimination, civil rights, hate crime prevention, immigration, and Asian American history education. 


These bills are:

  • Teach Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander History Act (H.R. 3434 and S. 1702)
  • Korematsu-Takai Civil Liberties Protection Act (S. 129)
  • Afghan Adjustment Act (H.R. 4627 and S. 2327)
  • Preemption of Real Property Discrimination Act (H.R. 3697)
  • Eliminating Backlogs Act (H.R. 1535)

  Organizations like Asian Culture And Education Society USA (ACAESUSA), Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO), My Sister House, New Portland Foundation, United Chinese American (UCA), The Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association (APAPA), Polynesian Association of Alaska and South Asian Women’s Network…, those are members of AAUC, joined hands for the summit. The event also featured prominent guests, including Senator Richard Blumenthal and several Representatives who discussed legislative priorities, including Connecticut’s Senior Senator Richard Blumenthal, Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (Illinois), Rep. Grace Meng (New York), Rep. Judy Chu (California), and Rep. Shri Thanedar (Michigan).

Additionally, the summit marked the launch of the online AAPI Community Hub Project, creating the largest network of AAPI nonprofit organizations, totaling approximately 15,000 members.

Several individuals received awards for their contributions, including:

  • US Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, honored with the Dilip Singh Saund Political Leadership Award.
  • US Rep. Grace Meng, recipient of the Norman Mineta Public Service Award.
  • Dr. Romesh Japra, celebrated with the Community Service Award.
  • Mr. C. C. Yin, acknowledged as Philanthropist of the Year.
  • Ms. Tammalivis Salanoa, presented with the President’s Young Person Award.
  • Ms. Jessica Wu, recipient of the President’s Youth Awards.

From Left to Right: Lusisana Hansen (Alaska), Jack Hanna (Oregon), Angela Anand (Virginia), Mary Jin (California), Dr. Romesh Japra (California), Norman Mineta, Rep. Grace Meng (New York), Tammalivis Salanoa (Alaska), Dr. S.K. Lo (Minnesota), Dr. Thomas Abraham (Connecticut), Yen Marshall (California), and Jan Xie (Texas).

The speakers also include David Inoue, Cindy Tsai, Grace Yu, Suhag Shukla and Edgar Chen... The summit concluded with a congressional reception featuring discussions on community engagement in Congress. 

On September 27, a delegation of 20 community leaders attended a White House Briefing to address the issues discussed during their congressional visit. These leaders are: SK Lo, Jan Xie, Yen Marshall, Jack Hanna, Jacob Harrer, Marsha Golangco, Angela Anand, Lucy Hansen, Grace Yu, Dani Canaleta, Elijah Matamoro, Romesh Japra, Tammalivis Salanoa, Helen Hsueh, Regina Burnley, Shaline DeGuzman, Lalita Kaul, Indrani Davaluri, Yasmine Padamesee, and Shobhana Verma.

It was a highly successful summit, thanks to the efforts of AAUC President Dr. SK Lo and her team. They will continue to create a community platform for all AAPI organizations and leaders to interact and collaborate on vital community issues.

Jan Xie

Mingfei Yi got the Community Champion Award at the 2022 JBR Dinner and  Fundraiser on 07/18/2022. 

The Travis County Democratic Party created the inaugural Alice Mingfei Yi Mentorship Award, honoring Alice Mingle Yi for her decades of service lifting up and engage Asian American community and building coalition across the party while at the same time creating space for the next generation of change makers. 

The award rewards and uplifts the people serving and training new generations of leaders. 

Jan Xie

Asian Texan for Justice hosted an evening of community building with DFW's AAPI leaders

                                                                                          ---by Jan Xie (

New statewide organization brings DFW’s Asian American leaders together Asian Texans for Justice (ATJ), a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization hosted an evening of community building with DFW’s Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) leaders. 

In attendance included APAPA North Texas Chapter, Women of Asian Descent, Korean American Coalition, The Progressive Vietnamese American Organization, OCA-DFW, and many others. ATJ’s executive director, Lily Trieu and senior strategy consultant, Mingfei Alice Yi hosted the open invite AAPI Community Happy Hour in Irving, TX on April 14th. Asian Texans for Justice envisions a future where all people feel bold in their belonging by connecting Asian Texans of all intersectional identities to meaningful civic action to build personal and political power for future generations. 

ATJ will continue to work with DFW leaders and others across the state to strengthen the AAPI coalition. They work on issues such as voter engagement and education, census and redistricting, advocacy for Asian American studies, language access and other important issues across the state.