On September 16, 2023, ACAESUSA participated in Denton, Texas’s Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration at the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center. Volunteers distributed gifts, including yellow whistles, handmade lantern materials, notebooks, candies, and toys. A set of Chinese history books was also donated. Dr. Rudy shared a compelling story about his advocacy for bilingual education for immigrant minorities as a Latino representative.


Hispanic Heritage Month, originally Hispanic Heritage Week in 1968 and later expanded by President Ronald Reagan in 1988, commemorates the rich history, resistance, and triumphs of Hispanics and Latinos. The event celebrated this history through stories, music, and art, honoring their contributions.

ACAESUSA President Jan Xie expressed gratitude to Denton City and Center Director Muller Yosselin for promoting cultural awareness, traditional culture, and youth education while serving the local community.The event thanked Mayor Gerard Hudspeth and Brian Beck, Brandon McGee, Center Director Muller Yosselin for their support, as well as the Committee of 100 and the Yellow Whistle Project for donating yellow whistles to combat hate against Asians.

ACAESUSA’s Mental Health Program started planning in Washington DC, in partnership with UCA-WAVE, addresses mental health issues among young people and Asians. We invite participation in our November event: Event Sign-up


Mingfei Yi got the Community Champion Award at the 2022 JBR Dinner and  Fundraiser on 07/18/2022. 

The Travis County Democratic Party created the inaugural Alice Mingfei Yi Mentorship Award, honoring Alice Mingle Yi for her decades of service lifting up and engage Asian American community and building coalition across the party while at the same time creating space for the next generation of change makers. 

The award rewards and uplifts the people serving and training new generations of leaders. 


Asian Texan for Justice hosted an evening of community building with DFW's AAPI leaders

                                                                                          ---by Jan Xie (

New statewide organization brings DFW’s Asian American leaders together Asian Texans for Justice (ATJ), a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization hosted an evening of community building with DFW’s Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) leaders. 

In attendance included APAPA North Texas Chapter, Women of Asian Descent, Korean American Coalition, The Progressive Vietnamese American Organization, OCA-DFW, and many others. ATJ’s executive director, Lily Trieu and senior strategy consultant, Mingfei Alice Yi hosted the open invite AAPI Community Happy Hour in Irving, TX on April 14th. Asian Texans for Justice envisions a future where all people feel bold in their belonging by connecting Asian Texans of all intersectional identities to meaningful civic action to build personal and political power for future generations. 

ATJ will continue to work with DFW leaders and others across the state to strengthen the AAPI coalition. They work on issues such as voter engagement and education, census and redistricting, advocacy for Asian American studies, language access and other important issues across the state.



Jan Xie ( )

Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Council Chen-yuan Tung on March 22 in Houston Chinese Cultural and Educational Services Center, presented the Fu Mo Sha Overseas Chinese Affairs Professional Medal to Overseas Chinese Affairs Advisory Board member Mu Chenghua, thanking him for his long service in the overseas Chinese community, and the promotion of Chinese language education. (Click here for more pictures)


Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Houston Director Luo Fuwen, Houston Cultural Education Center Director Chen Yifang and Deputy Director Huang Yili and more than 50, from Houston and Dallas, friends and family from all walks of life in the field. Chen-yuan Tung said in his speech, Mu Chenghua in Dallas to promote overseas Chinese affairs and overseas Chinese education work for 50 years, making a lot of contributions, serving the overseas Chinese community during the establishment of the Dallas Chinese Activities Center and Chinese School, for the unity of overseas Chinese community. He stressed that he was very happy to present the medal to Houston as a congratulatory gift on Mr.Mu’s 80th birthday, and hoped that Mu would continue to carry forward his legacy; this year coincides with the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission, and congratulated the Commission on its happy birthday. Meng Min kuan shared Mu Chenghua’s story, that he has dedicated his life to the development of traditional culture, served as the principal and chairman of the board of directors of the Hua Xing Chinese School, continued efforts to promote the work of overseas Chinese and heritage education work, dedication to the spirit of admiration, thank him for his own carry and cultivation.

He has also founded the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Dallas Chinese Activities Center, the Chinese Voters Association, and assisted in the establishment of the Glorious Society, the Double Ten National Day Preparatory Committee, the Chinese Association of Societies, the Blue Sky Golf Club, the Dallas Sun Yat-sen Academic Research Association, Mu has organized three Miss Chinatown pageants, served as he has hosted countless National Day dinners and received countless political and business officials and leaders from all over the world.
Mr. Vincent Hsiao, the outgoing Vice President, was visiting Dallas as the Director of the Bureau of International Trade when he caught a bad cold and was not allowed to move around in the hotel. 
In that year, the chairman of the board of directors of Hua Xing Nursery School, Jonah Koo, went to Dallas to attend the International Women’s Conference. Perhaps due to her diet, she suffered from diarrhea and had to be sent to Dallas Hospital. When she was admitted to the hospital, she found an Oriental-faced doctor who was with her from beginning to end, and was always there to help with her care. Why do you care so much about a person you don’t know? Mr. Mu said, “Chairman, I am not a resident, I am an alumnus of Huaxing and I have been nurtured by Huaxing.“ 

Director Yang Jin-Tian, who worked at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Houston, was going back to Houston for a meeting after attending Eddie Bernice Johnson’s re-election celebration dinner in Dallas. By the time Commissioner Mu was ready to drive Director Yang to the airport, his legs were too sore to step on the brakes. 
When Mu accompanied Mayor Steve Bartlett of Dallas and Congressman Eddie Bernice Johnson to Taiwan to meet President Ma, he made warm arrangements along the way and did a beautiful job of national diplomacy.
Mr.Mu of this life, in his back silently support his people, is Mu’s wife – Ms. Luo Fenglan, this year is also their 50th wedding anniversary of the golden wedding joy.

Mu expressed his sincere gratitude for the medal, and said that he grew up in Hua Xing Nursery since childhood, and was deeply concerned by the country’s support and care for the community, and that it was his duty to give back to the overseas Chinese community. After returning to the U.S., he and his friends set up the Chinese School, which has grown from 92 students to more than 1,400 students. For the overseas Chinese community he is very grateful, and hope that overseas Chinese community in the leadership of Tong Chun-yuan more prosperous and strong. 

In the evening after the award ceremony,  American First National Bank Chairman Wu Wenlong specially set up a seafood banquet to entertain everyone. Toasting and celebrating, we spent a happy evening.

The next morning, Mr. Chen-yuan Tung had a talk with the overseas leaders of the Dallas Chinese American community.


AAUC nonprofit leadership training successfully finished in Las Vegas on 03/13/2022?The attendees learned how to navigate uncertainties, master the technical aspects of leadership, and accelerate theirr leadership skills . Everyone benefited from the training and is now ready to take their organization to the next level. This training was given by Mary Gladstone-Highland, CEO of the Spark Group, who has given the same accredited course online. This training is jam-packed with tips and gives the participants an opportunity to collaborate with a cohort of diverse peers. President of AAUC, Dr.Lo appreciates everybody who attended this training.

People in the pictures: AAUC Board members, that include AAUC President Dr. Sk.Lo. APAPA representative Marsha Golangco, HAF representative Rajeev Singh, GOPIO Thomas Abraham, New Portland Foundation Jack Hanna, South Asian Women’s Network Angela Anand. Munsup Seoh, Raman Velji, Mie Mie Joe Strickler. ACAESUSA and OCA-DFW president Jan Xie. 

Also in the pictures that are CLUSA chairman Sandy Chau, CLUSA President Andy Li and CLUSA Executive Director Anthony Ng , AAUC administrative Assistant Rashmi Kumari. Mary Gladstone-Highland, Viresh, Yen Marshall and DingDing TV Sandy Wang. 

More pictures please click here.

After the meeting, Sandy Chau invite the attendees to have a nice tour and dinner at Jasmine filled with beautiful flowers gardens, music performances, a waterfall. And Cantonese cuisine. Everyone had a great time there. 

The next training will be at Las Vegas in October this year. Let us all band together and serve our AAPI community.





2022 Asian Cultural and Educational Society Global 3rd Annual Charity Concert

--Second Year of COVID-19 Relief


   The third annual Asian Culture and Education Society charity show was successfully held on February 27th. This performance, which was held virtually due to COVID-19, was supported by caring people from all over the world.

  First of all, we are very grateful for the support of the painters of this charity Concert. At this concert, the painting "Autumn Forest", which was specially donated by the famous local painter Li Ke for this event. The painting "Autumn Colors of Dongjiang" by the famous brush painter Mr. Deng Weiping and "Cat" by the painter Qiu Mei were displayed during the concert. Everyone who wants to  participate in the auction can click here to see more participating painters as well.

   The producer of this benefit performance is Mrs. Jan Xie, President of the Asian American Cultural and Educational Society. She was very grateful for the artistic guidance and assistance given by Mr. Peng Jingquan, the director of this Charity Concert. Mr. Li Yugang's "Floating Clouds Disperse" was euphemistic and moving. American singer Manshu liqi has made a special joint opera for the concert featuring: Beijing Opera, Gaozai Opera, Huangmei Opera and HuaFan. The Tenor Bingchuan Wan sang < nessun="" dorma="">>, and the Australian singer Ni Xueping sang "The sound of the hometown is forever", which expressed the wishes of people overseas to miss their hometown. Singer Tan Jing from China sang "Spring, Autumn, Winter and Summer", a moving story of the ordinary world during COVID-19. Tim Mank, a talented singer, gave a performance with his guitar. Australian singer David Kuo's song "Dreaming of Hometown" brought tears to the eyes of overseas wanderers, who missed their loved parents in their dreams. The singer from Taiwan, Zhao Zhuan, who sang "Because of Love”, seemed to be everyone's favorite! The artistic advisor of this performance, American singer Ms. Liu Xiang and Mr. Guo Haoyue's duet of "Plum Snow Love" was like a flower in a dream, and their sweet voices made people feel like they were wrapped around a beam for three days. Mr. Zhang Chen of Dallas American Singers Zhang Chen School of the Arts and his student

LEXING WEI sang "Mango", a perfect interpretation of rap in English and Chinese. Singaporean musician LEE YUN HE's piano performance of the selection from the Chinese ballet "Fish and Beauty" was enchanting. The Shenzhou Chorus sang "The Pearl of the Orient" in a majestic manner. The Chinese Rhythm Folk Ensemble's "Welcome to Spring" gave everyone a taste of the lively New Year. There was also "Welcome to Gifu to Enjoy Flowers" from Japan. Cathy Happy Fitness Charity Platform presented the beautiful song La Vie en Rose by Christie Wang. The Baotoumen Horse Head Fiddle Studio presented the beautiful song <"ten thousand="" horses="" galloping"="">. Misty Cheung & Vienna Cheung performed "South of the River in the Smoke and Rain" .  XinYi Li Ribbon Dance was performed by Mogao Caves. Indian dance was introduced by Xima. The singer Vinessa Sun’s “Home" touched everybody’s hearts. "Tangcheng International Cultural Education Dance Sketch" was provided by an artist from Italy, Christine did a violin performance, and three elegant and sensual dances were done by Jane and Ai shang Dance Bar, "Jazz Paris/Love Seed Flower,” “Repayment," and “Wei shan Lake.” Alanna Sun & Elivabeth Sun did Traveling Sister . Katelyn Hu did "The Ordinary People", “Existence" was done by Kaylee Xie of Zhang Chen Art School. Thanks be to Charles Qi Cherubini in Coro and Jennifer Jew and Ashly Bei Jew doing Original Compositions, selected by Bukaopu: Those Past Lunar Festivals. This event was supported by media outlets BARTV and JiansTV.  

  The Asian Cultural and Educational Association's New Year's celebration came to a successful conclusion. This year, we all came together for the holidays to donate PPE to the community, deliver gifts to nursing homes, and write greeting cards. Thank you to Ms. Minning Wu of Highland Park School District for helping to lead the group in putting up the Spring Festival couplets and decorations for the Highland Park High school. The Asian Cultural and Educational Association also provided help to companies and schools to promote Chinese culture. For distributing red envelopes and decorating the community to promote traditional Chinese culture, thank you to all the volunteers and donors. This includes Peng Bin for his providing of red envelopes from a long distance, Irina Li for her hard work on the flyers, Yong Wang and Dan Tian for help on the photography, Xin Junqing, Qiu Mei, Hailong Jin, Guoliang Yu, Angelina Huang, Amber Wang Wang, Ethan Li, Howard Li, Jessica Wu, Samuel Wu, Ming Yu, Zhongping Pan, Amy, Vivian, Ming Yu, XInyi, Kunthear Mam-Douglas, Xiao Li, Huiyu Li, ChunYan , Ye Jia Li, Elise Liang, Ellen Liang , Jun Huang, Jing Xu, Leng Hui, Serene Luo, Chuling Jiang and Di yang for their enthusiastic help and more.

  Once again, the Asian Cultural and Educational Society wishes everyone a happy and healthy Year of the Tiger! 214-4712651





The Hello Spring” 5K running competition, co-organized by the ACP, Nihao Food Bank Initiative, and DASH running group happened at Bob Woodruff Park in North Plano, TX today. About 200 people participated. Speeches were given by Plano Deputy Mayor Maria Tu, the founders of the Nihao program Jane Li, Bing Xie, and James Huang, ACP president Qiang Gan, and Dash President Wendy. The NiHao Food Bank Initiative is a volunteer-driven grassroots movement by Chinese American Diaspora, focused on raising awareness about hunger in the USA, improving community engagement, and directing resources and contributions toward NTFB to fight hunger.