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Too often, we show up on the scene just to let the homeowner know that their prized tankless water heater isn’t going to make it. A new circuit board and a few parts will get it back in service, but it won’t be the original faithful friend that has helped them every day by providing an unlimited supply of hot water with less energy usage.

Sadly, this tankless tragedy didn’t have to happen. A few minutes of preventative maintenance on a regular basis can keep a tankless water heater working for years without any major service. Just like the Keurig single-brew coffee systems, tankless water systems suffer from water mineral deposit buildup and require regular “descaling” to extend their useful life.

Homeowners can descale their tankless water heaters themselves using a combination of vinegar, a few hoses and a bucket. Because the water used in tankless heaters often ends up in drinking water, care should be taken with the process.

If you’d like us to take care of it for you and walk you through the process, just give us a call.

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