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North Texas weather allows for about two weeks of “open window weather,” and then most people are ready to turn on the air conditioning. Fortunately, comfort does not have to equate to exorbitantly high energy bills. Proper care of your AC system helps the system to work more efficiently -- reducing energy cost and increasing the life of your AC system.   

Conduct an Energy Audit

HVAC companies offer home energy audits (also called home energy assessments) to help homeowners reduce energy consumption and energy waste. The first step in a home energy audit is to pinpoint the areas in your home where energy is being wasted. Once you have determined the areas of your home that are losing energy, the next step is to develop a plan for correcting the wasted areas and optimizing all other areas of energy output. 

Easy Tips for Reducing Energy Consumption

  1. Assess the HVAC system. A thorough and professional assessment of your home’s heating and cooling system will provide important information that is specific to your HVAC system and its airflow efficiency. Based on the assessment, an HVAC company can devise a proper plan (if necessary) for making energy efficient improvements, which may include energy improvements for your home’s hot water heater. 
  2. Replace Air Conditioning Filters. Dirty HVAC filters restrict the ability for efficient airflow, causing the HVAC system to work harder and longer to cool the house. Hiring a professional to come into the home on a routine, monthly basis to change out all air filters can reduce energy consumption by 1 to 2 percent. While this may not sound like a lot, it certainly adds up over the course of a long, hot summer.  
  3. Weather-Strip Leaky Doors and Windows. Doors and windows are notorious culprits for wasted energy. A home audit will identify areas of the home that require weather-stripping, sealing and caulking, which can result in an energy savings of 2 percent or more. 
  4. Seal Ducts. Leaking ductwork is a costly energy drain. The average home loses 25 percent or more of its energy through leaky ducts. A home energy audit will identify where these leaks are occurring. An HVAC company will repair the ducts and clean the non-leaking ones. It is important to note that duct cleaning and duct sealing are not the same thing; however, even if your ducts are not leaking, they should still be cleaned. 

Purchasing New HVAC System

While no one gets excited about the prospect of purchasing a new HVAC system, after a thorough home energy audit, you may find yourself real excited at the idea. Many of the homes in the Park Cities are old and have dated HVAC systems. The HVAC systems available today are designed to be tremendously efficient and over the course of your life in your home can save you thousands of dollars. Purchasing an Energy Star® HVAC system can save you 10 percent or more on your heating and cooling costs.

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