?Did you know? 100-125 million females are missing globally (United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

Gendercide is the loss of female life worldwide due to:
sex-selective abortion
female infanticide
gross neglect of young girls
entirely preventable maternal death
the inability of older women to access food and shelter.
The Gendercide Awareness Project began in early 2011 when founder Beverly Hill of Dallas, Texas, recruited a team of volunteers to raise awareness about the little-known problem of gendercide. From 2011 to 2016 the Gendercide Awareness Project, a Dallas-based 501(c)3 charity focused on preventing gendercide, has educated the public while raising funds to purchase 11,000 pairs of baby booties for a traveling art exhibit. The organization focuses on two initiatives:
1.For Women: To provide modest financial support to at-risk women by commissioning baby booties from women’s cooperatives overseas, paying fair prices. To date, that income has allowed the women to provide 4,000 nourishing family meals -- roughly 20,000 substantial individual meals.
2.For Girls: To send at-risk girls to school in developing countries by supporting five schools for girls (or scholarship programs for girls) in Cambodia, Nepal, India, Uganda, and Guatemala. Each girl receives instruction, room, board (3 meals per day), health care, uniforms, and school supplies. Educating at-risk girls and empowering women with fair pay for work is critical to ending gendercide.

ART – exhibit using 11,000 pairs of handmade baby booties, most of them made by at-risk women in developing countries. Each pair represents 10,000 missing women. Opens in Dallas, February 10-15, 2017.
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