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Author: Christina Quiñones, Office Manager

Dallas Academy of Music & Performing Arts, LLC

We’ve all heard of tap dancing, and probably witnessed it at a dance recital or other performance at some point. Making music with your feet through dynamic movements is fun for the dancers, and also entertaining for those watching. Beyond being a super fun past time, tapping also carries unique health benefits (both physical and mental) for tap dancers of any age group.

DAMPA proudly offers an incredible tap dance program, which includes our own Heart & Soles Tap Company. Here are some reasons we are encouraging our current students (and future students of DAMPA) to add tap dance to their repertoire.

  1. Tap Dancing is FUN fitness.
    Tap Dancing builds leg strength, increased flexibility in the lower body, AND is a fantastic aerobic exercise. Tap Dancers who practice three times per week see an immense cardiovascular benefit.
  2. Tap Dancing improves balance.
    Tapping requires a lot of weight shifting. This improves balance, coordination, and core control…which means better posture, less back pain, and lowers the risk of serious injury from tripping or falling.
  3. Tap Dancing is noisy.
    It doesn’t matter your age, being noisy feels good! It’s also an amazing emotional release. Using Tap as an outlet for expression is incredible for improving emotional health and building self confidence.
  4. Tap Dancing makes you smarter.
    Here at DAMPA, we KNOW Music Makes You Smarter, and we say it all the time. Guess what? Tap Dancing does, too! Tap steps are complex and intricate. Learning and practicing tap steps is great exercise for your brain. Studies show that dancing (including Tap!) may help prevent Alzheimers and Dementia later in life.
  5. Tap Dancing helps you become a better musician.
    When Tap Dancers perform, they are the music AND main attraction. One positive result of learning Tap Dance is that you develop into a better musician in the process. Tapping helps you "tap" (HA!) into your inner rhythm and improves your sense of finding the beat and patterns within music.

With such incredible benefits - physical, mental, and emotional - it is easy to see why DAMPA has decided to increase the focus and emphasis that we put on Tap Dance. We have joined forces with the Queen of Tap, Katelyn Harris, and her Rhythmic Souls tap group in order to expand our program to offer more for dancers of all different levels and backgrounds.

Learn more about Tap Dance and other awesome opportunities at DAMPA here:, or email us at or give us a call at 214-965-8324.



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Author: Christina Quiñones, Office Manager at Dallas Academy of Music & Performing Arts


With so many after school opportunities, it can be confusing trying to determine what will work best for your child. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should consider getting them involved in music lessons!

The Joy of Music Making

Put simply, playing music is fun! It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Even as students grow up, they can continue to play for their enjoyment. Einstein used to play violin to relax when he became stuck in his thought process – music helps clear the mind and calm the nerves!

Self – Discipline

Children learn how to structure their time at home to prepare for their weekly lessons. The simple use of a practice chart teaches children to set aside time for practicing and to track their progress towards a long-term goal. It is a very kid-friendly way of learning how to plan ahead.

Develops a Higher IQ

You are probably saying, “What? Really, music lessons can increase my child’s IQ?” Yes, there is evidence to suggest that on the whole music lessons improve general intelligence. A study by E. Glenn Schellenberg of the University of Toronto published in Psychological Science shows that a group of students that took music lessons improved their IQ scores more than a control group that took no music classes. MUSIC MAKES YOU SMARTER!

Work Ethic

As students learn a difficult piece of music to perform for a concert, competition or evaluation, they must work hard to memorize and to develop the fine motor skills necessary to be successful. This type of conscientiousness is highly correlated with success in school and life.

Reduces Stress

A short-term and long-term benefit, music has been shown to reduce stress by triggering biochemical stress reducers according to an article in U.S. Today. Music helps us to relax and forget about our troubles for awhile. The act of actually playing music accentuates these effects.

Higher SAT Scores

Students of the arts continue to outperform their non-arts peers on the SAT, according to reports by the College Entrance Examination Board. Data from the College Board, Profile of CollegeBound Seniors National Reports from 2011–2015 show that students who studied music/arts for four years score 10–12% higher than students who studied one-half year or less. In previous years, the results have been similar.

Improves Memory

According to Dr. Laurel Trainor, Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behavior at McMaster University, “Young children who take music lessons show different brain development and improved memory over the course of a year, compared to children who do not receive musical training.”


Research by Erika Skoe and Nina Kraus shows that music training in childhood positively changes to the anatomy and function of the brain and that these changes are carried into adulthood. Prior work linked music lessons to enhanced auditory brainstem encoding with heightened auditory perception, executive function, and auditory-based communication skills.

Long Term Positive Effects on the Brain

Many high achievers have studied music. Nearly 100% of past winners of the prestigious Siemens Westinghouse Competition in Math, Science and Technology (for high school students) play one or more musical instruments according to the American Chemical Society. And if this isn’t impressive enough, many of our memorable leaders have played instruments or sang including Neil Armstrong, First man on the moon, Baritone, Thomas Jefferson, Former U.S. President, Violin & Cello & Piano, Woodrow Wilson, Former U.S. President, Violin, Harry Truman, Former U.S. President, Piano, Condoleezza, U.S. National Security Advisor/Secretary of State, Piano, Alexander Graham Bell, Inventor of the telephone, Piano, Thomas Edison, Inventor, Piano, Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize Winner, Piano and Violin.

Builds Self Esteem

A study by Costa-Giomi published in the Psychology of Music investigated the effects of three years of piano instruction on children’s self-esteem. Children in the study were divided into two groups: piano instruction weekly for three years and no music instruction. Both groups had similar levels of self-esteem at the beginning of the study. The researcher found that the children who completed three years of piano instruction had a significant increase in self-esteem while the children who did not participate in piano instruction or dropped out of piano instruction did not have an increase in self-esteem.

With so many awesome reasons to enroll your children in music lessons, you’ll probably want to get started right away! Please visit our website – or give us a call at 214-965-8324 to Register for Fall Classes today!

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Summer is Here! Now What?

Author: Christina Quiñones, Office Manager at Dallas Academy of Music & Performing Arts

Can you believe school is just around the corner? Summer flew by, as it tends to do – it only really lasts a couple of months, and the time quickly dwindles when you account for travel, summer camps, and other obligations.

The brevity of summer, however, also makes it the perfect time to switch from weekly practice plans to a more project based approach. Finding one or two big goals that you want to accomplish – be it a new song you’d like to learn or write, a new monologue, or a new dance you want to perfect – is an amazing way to spend your summer and gives you something to show for the months when school is not in session.

The key to project based learning is to make it fun, exciting, and focus on an area that students don’t necessarily have time to explore during the hustle of the school year. I personally took this approach this summer and learned the song, “Don’t Tell Me” by Madonna. It has always been one of my favorite music videos, and I really wanted to add it to my catalog. This goes to show, regardless of age, summer is the perfect time to explore, set, and achieve artistic goals!

Summer is a fantastic time to assess where your student is and where they would like to be; to think about questions like – what do I really enjoy? Is there something else I want to learn - maybe another instrument or type of performance?

It is so important to take the time to revisit our students’ passions and love for music. Supporting students’ interests and developing a springboard for their exploration is crucial to their development both as an artist and a person. I encourage everyone to pose these questions to their students this summer. Set a project based goal or two. Encourage students to communicate their desires and goals with their teachers – DAMPA is here to support dreams! Lets make them come true together - give us a call at 214.965.8324 or visit our website at!


What are your goals this summer?
You are encouraged to vote and also add your comments.
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The Spring Break (March 12-16) camp at DAMPA is the ultimate pre-professional singer, dancer and actor "bootcamp." They are waiving the registration fee for BubbleLife readers, so sign up today by clicking here. 

One of Dallas’s Top Academies for The Performing Arts has Joined with DFW’s Highest-Performing Online Public School to Expand Education Opportunities for Academy Students

November 2017 - Dallas, TX --  Back in the day, young people who aspired to careers in the performing arts were limited to evening-and-weekend training schedules and lots of shuffle back-and-forth between school and the studio.
The result was a lifestyle that was crowded with lots of time in the car and late nights spent doing homework, but little time for rest, friends and family.
Today, however, serious students of the performing arts have a more balanced option with programs like the conservatory at the Dallas Academy of Music & Performing Arts, an audition-only program that now allows students to train during the day and attend school while they’re at the studio.
“Our core academy offers dozens of classes in music, acting, dance and more for students of all ages who want to develop their artistic abilities to their full potential,” says Lisa Jenkins, DAMPA’s CEO and Creative Director. “The conservatory program takes training to the next level, providing intense instruction that prepares students for acceptance into top-tier university programs, scholarships, and professional contracts. Many of our students have gone on to impressive careers in the performing arts, as well as high achievement in national and international performing arts competitions.
In order to reduce the complications and limitations associated with attending traditional bricks-and-mortar school while trying to find enough time to train, work and travel, Ms. Jenkins began to consider the notion of providing a schooling option right on site for DAMPA students.
"We wanted to find a virtual school option that allowed our students to attend school from any location at any time, but we also wanted an option that provided a curriculum rigorous enough for college-bound students,” Ms. Jenkins says. “Our students tend to be high-achieving in all aspects of their lives, so we knew that our parents wouldn’t be satisfied with any option that was watered-down or less than challenging.”
Enter iUniversity Prep…
After careful research, DAMPA elected to partner with iUniversity Prep, a virtual academy that’s part of Grapevine-Colleyville ISD [but open to any eligible student in the state of Texas].
“As we evaluated our options, we quickly realized that iUniversity Prep was the best choice,” Ms. Jenkins says. “Not only is it a Texas Education Agency-accredited school that’s home for many students who work in the performing arts, it’s also a school that has a proven track record of academic performance and excelling in state accountability, as well as graduation of students who go on to earn admission and scholarships into some of the best colleges in the world.”
How it works: DAMPA’s new academic program will be offered to students ages 10-17 [fifth through 12th grades] between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., weekdays, in a designated area at the studio.
 A DAMPA staff member will be available during that time to supervise and provide support for students while they “attend” virtual classes or complete homework assignments. Once they’re through for the day, they can simply walk a few feet to a DAMPA studio to attend class or rehearsal.
“Students can also work on their own in the early mornings, evenings, weekends, or while they’re on the road,” Ms. Jenkins explains. “If they need to attend an audition or they know they have a busy week coming up, they can work ahead. Between the flexible schedule and the elimination of travel time to and from school, we estimate that students can reduce their school-and-training schedule from an average 12-hour-day to an eight-hour-day in some cases.”
Dr. Kaye Rogers, Director of Virtual Learning for Grapevine-Colleyville ISD says that programs like DAMPA’s can benefit students in all aspects of their life. “iUniversity Prep was designed to meet the needs of self-motivated students who want or need a flexible  school schedule,” she explains. “When it’s incorporated into a program like DAMPA, we’ve noticed that students tend to achieve better outcomes in their training and their academics, while also achieving a healthier work-life balance. We’re delighted to welcome DAMPA students to our iUniversity Prep family."

About Dallas Academy of Music and Performing Arts:
Dallas Academy of Music and Performing Arts (DAMPA) is a private music and performing arts school for talented students of music, dance, and theatre, for all ages. Founded in 2015 by Lisa Jenkins, DAMPA offers world-class training and performance opportunities for students to discover their passion and to prepare for a possible professional career. To learn more please visit 
About iUniversity Prep:
iUniversity Prep opened in August 2013 as GCISD’s newest school. The academy is a tuition-free, state-accredited online public school operated by Grapevine-Colleyville ISD and is one of only a handful of public virtual education solutions in the state offering elementary, middle and high school programs. It provides rigorous academics under the guidance of engaging instructors all within a collaborative school community. iUniversity Prep offers an inspiring, flexible learning environment that encourages and prepares students to be college and career ready by supporting learning through technology, fostering citizenship, and teaching the importance of mutual respect in a virtual environment. All students living in Texas who are in fifth through 12th grades are eligible to enroll in iUniversity Prep. Students can attend class, take tests and complete coursework from any location as long as they have access to a mobile device and an internet connection. To inquire about enrollment or learn more: 855-779-7357 or visit
DAMPA's Director of Academics:
Joining DAMPA as the new Director of Academics is Laura Wright, a former teacher a Highland Park High School who has been teaching independently and tutoring since leaving the school, including guiding her daughter through a similar program while pursuing a ballet career. Laura obtained her Bachelors Degree from SMU and later a Masters of Science in Secondary Education from Northwestern University.
To register for the Dallas Academy of Music and Performing Arts Conservatory & Academic Program, please contact DAMPA at 214-363-4980.
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This Summer DAMPA is kicking off a brand new Improv Program under the direction of the talented and super funny Chad Cline, who will teach students the fine art of Comedy Improv and help them expand their performance skills!

In our Act It Out! Improv Comedy Camp and Improv Through Play Camp young actors will learn the basics of Improvisational Comedy through fun exercises, play, and group work with a focus on making situations real (and hilarious) based on their own personal experiences.

Chad has over 20 years of experience performing and teaching improvisational comedy. He has been cast in several stage and screen productions with actors including Chuck Norris, Mindy Sterling, and Daniel Roebuck. Chad also has numerous commercial and voiceover credits. He currently performs throughout Texas with the Musical Improv Group - The Band.
Don't miss the chance to work with Chad Cline! Register now! For more information please visit
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Summer registration had begun at DAMPA! In addition to music, voice, acting, musical theatre and dance lessons, DAMPA is offering a variety of brand new, exciting, and unique Summer Camps for children 3 years to 17 years.
This Summer, DAMPA is thrilled to introduce our brand new Musical Theatre Camp! Campers will spend time focusing on acting, singing, dancing, and stage performance with our fun, talented, and qualified teachers while building confidence in their performance skills.
Campers who are interested in perfecting their performance skills will love our new Triple Threat Camp. Campers ages 11 -14 will learn a song, scene, and dance each day and will perform for their families at the end of the session.
For our youngest performers, DAMPA is offering "I Am Moana" - a Polynesian music and art camp inspired by the hit Disney movie "Moana." Also offered is a  "Frozen" themed camp and "Little Mozarts Music Camp," which will introduce campers to different musical instruments and encourage them to create music and move to the beat!
Budding rockstars can choose from several awesome camps including "Summer Strummers Guitar Camp," "We got the BEAT! Drum Camp", and our beginning and intermediate Piano Camps.
In addition to our camp offerings, we have partnered with Straight from New York to bring Broadway Stars to DAMPA for 3 incredible workshops: Let's Get Wicked with Alyssa Fox, Bring It On with Jason Gotay, and a special College Audition Workshop. Space is limited and these workshops will sell out quickly - make sure you contact us to reserve your spot today!
It's going to be an AMAZING Summer at DAMPA!  To register or learn more about summer programs please visit us at or give us a call at 214.363.4980.  See you there!
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Triple Threat Camp

Take your talent to the next level with our incredible Triple Threat Camp! Taught by the fabulous Lynn Ambrose and the fantastic Traci Kern, this is somewhat of a “bootcamp” for those students who want push themselves and their performance skills. This camp will sell out and includes learning a song, scene and a dance each day, Monday through Thursday with a big review on Friday where parents and friends come and watch for the last half hour.

12 MAX


7 and up

Lynn Ambrose
Traci Kern

March 13th – 17th
M – F
Studio A & B


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Sign Up for Fall Lessons or Group Classes Nows at Dallas Academy of Music and Performing Arts

This fall we are excited to announce that in addition to our private lessons and musical group classes, we are also offering a fun and unique Tap and Dance program as well as an amazing Musical Theater program! We have brought on some extraordinarily talented new teachers to guide our students and we could not be more excited to get this semester Rockin' and Rolling!

We have programs for all ages - from 18 months to 100+ years. You're never too old or too young to start expanding your love of music!

Here at DAMPA, we are committed to excellence in music education for all ages. We proudly offer talented and experienced faculty members who provide a well-balanced curriculum, including the latest technology. All classes are open-door and teachers are background checked. We also have a robust library of music and reference materials, and we instruct with the highest-quality instruments.

Our second studio (Studio B), also local conveniently in Snider Plaza, is open and in full swing!  

Classes and Teacher Slots do fill up quickly!

To register for any of our classes, please give us a call at 214.363.4980, or visit our website at