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Written by: Marvin Kobza

North Texas Giving Day is back this year on September 19th. We are spotlighting one of the more than 3,000 nonprofits participating this year, Archie Foundation for Therapeutic Horsemanship. Read more about the impact of this organization and how North Texas Giving Day helps below. 

Archie Foundation for Therapeutic Horsemanship aims to enhance the quality of life for Armed Forces veterans with diverse needs through therapeutic horsemanship training programs. Horses can have a powerful impact, and our goal is to enable veterans, and their families, to experience that for themselves. We focus on building solid horsemanship skills through authentic, knowledgeable training by a certified Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship certified instructor.

I first conceived the idea of Archie Foundation for Therapeutic Horsemanship after seeing a news report about an Equine Assisted Therapy program for veterans with Post Traumatic Stress. The veterans’ testimonies about how connected they felt after being with the horses resonated with me, as I had experienced a similar connection. I’ve had a love for horses since my Dad first sat me on one of those ponies that walk around in a circle at the zoo. Being a veteran, I thought here was a way to combine my love for horses with my desire to “pay it forward” to the veteran community. 

So, in 2016, I founded Archie Foundation for Therapeutic Horsemanship - named, aptly, for a horse. When I first envisioned building an equine program that would benefit veterans, I kept thinking back to one particular experience I had with a horse and the feeling it left with me. A feeling of being in harmony with the horse. It was - therapeutic. So, it was only fitting to name my foundation after that horse- Archie.

Archie was a young, rough around the edges, English Thoroughbred that my daughter, Morgen, and I invested in as a “project horse”.  Morgen had just graduated from Texas A&M and was beginning graduate school in England, where her mother and I lived at the time. Morgen had competed on the A&M Equestrian team and we wanted her to use the skills she’d gained to train this young horse and then sell him for a profit. But, true to Archie’s nature, he stole our hearts and became so much more than a project. Archie liked to drink coffee – and like a true Starbuck’s aficionado, drank it out of a paper cup. He liked it with milk and sugar, and a biscuit (or cookie as we say in the U.S.) and if you weren’t careful, you might lose a button on your jacket due to his… affections. 

Archie also loved to jump. One warm, unusually sunny English summer day, I was riding Archie in the outdoor arena. There were a couple of small jumps set up. Archie and I had been cantering around the outside rail for awhile, and I guess Archie got bored because a nice quiet canter along the rail turned into cantering straight for one of the jumps. I figured, if he thinks we can do it, then we must be able to.  It was pretty spontaneous, so I just sat there and we sailed over the jump as if it wasn’t there. Even though the jump was just a little one, I felt like we were flying. That feeling of being one with the horse, and the exhilaration and joy of it, still makes me smile.

Since Hoofbeats for Veterans began, in June 2018, we have helped 8 veterans and 6 veteran family members experience being in harmony with the horse and the positive impact that has, at no cost to the veterans or family.

Recently, three of our veterans competed in the Disabled Equestrian Show at the Appaloosa National Championship Show in Ft Worth, TX, where they won numerous awards, including two 2nd place finishes and one 3rd place finish. 

Funds generated during North Texas Giving Day go toward defraying the $3,500 per rider cost of the Hoofbeats for Veterans program. Next training sessions start in September.

This September 19, get up and give to Archie Foundation for Therapeutic Horsemanship and support you the Hoofbeats for Veterans program. Go to and donate. Every donation helps!


By: Stephanie Murdoch

North Texas Giving Day is back this year on September 19th. Texas Cares is one of this year’s participating nonprofits. Texas CARES is an all-volunteer based non-profit cat rescue group.  We have been around for nearly three decades and have helped hundreds of kitties find their forever homes. Texas CARES rescues cats and kittens from city shelters throughout Texas and never hesitates to pull those that might need special medical attention. 

That’s where the funds for North Texas Giving Day come in. While our veterinary partners are generous with their time and resources, we do have to pay them for the work they perform on each and every kitty. This includes the required vaccinations, spay and neuter surgeries and medicines.

Over the years, Texas CARES has had to perform surgery on special needs kitties, like Finley, who was diagnosed with Pectus Excavatum which is a chest birth deformity that caused pressure on the heart and lungs. Finley’s surgeries cost upwards of $4,000.

Funds from North Texas Giving Day helped pay for his surgeries and now Finley is living the good life in his forever home.

Texas CARES hopes to continue to be able to rescue cats and kittens like Finley. With the money we raise on North Texas Giving Day, we will. Last year, we were able to raise $6,311 on Giving Day.

North Texas Giving Day will return September 9-19, 2019 with 10 days of scheduled giving and free public events and service projects. Since Communities Foundation of Texas started North Texas Giving Day in 2019, the event has raised $240 million for thousands of nonprofits in the entire 20-county North Texas region. Last year alone, $48 million was raised through more than 157,000 gifts benefiting 2,700 local nonprofits.

 Get up and Give on September 19 to Texas CARES and support cats and kittens like Finley here:

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By: Tricia Clifton, Executive Director, CASA Collin County

North Texas Giving Day is back this year on September 19th. We are spotlighting one of the more than 3,000 nonprofits participating this year, CASA Collin County. Read more about the impact of the event below. 

Imagine strangers entering your house and removing you from the only home you have ever known. You are thrust into a confusing legal system and do not know what will happen next. Unfortunately, this was a reality for 597 Collin County children in 2018. This year alone over 490 children are living in foster care due to abuse or neglect. When this happens, who provides a voice for these vulnerable children? CASA does. 

The Court Appointed Special Advocates of Collin County promote and protect the best interests of abused and neglected children who are removed from their homes and placed into foster care by training volunteer advocates to represent their best interests in court. CASA volunteers are appointed by the District Court Judges, who rely on CASA’s impartial recommendation when ruling on the future of the child. Our goal is that these children end up in safe and loving homes, free of abuse and neglect. On September 19th we are raising awareness and asking for community support during North Texas Giving Day to make sure there is a CASA volunteer for children like Jackson.

Growing up, Jackson’s father was physically abusive. When he was 14, Jackson’s father beat him so badly, he was rushed to the hospital with multiple broken bones. As a result, Jackson was placed into foster care and appointed a CASA. When Paul, a CASA volunteer, got the call, he knew he had to take the case. 

Paul visited Jackson weekly, becoming a trusted constant in his life. They talked about school and worked hard to make sure Jackson’s grades improved. When it was time for Jackson’s father’s criminal trial, Paul never left Jackson’s side. Paul was at every meeting and court hearing. On the day Jackson was to testify against his father, Paul supported Jackson and gave him the courage to find his voice. Jackson was later adopted into a loving permanent home free of abuse. To this day, they remain close and Paul was able to see Jackson graduate. 

The bonds between CASAs and the children they serve are remarkable. We need your support to continue serving these defenseless children. When you support CASA of Collin County on North Texas Giving Day, you are not just allowing us to train new advocates, but you are bringing awareness to abused and neglected children in our community. Donate on September 19th at

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August may mean a blistering, back-to-school frenzy for some, but at Communities Foundation of Texas, it’s the tip of the iceberg of the season for philanthropy. It’s the time when North Texas Giving Day, the nation’s largest community day of giving, is right around the corner.

This year’s 18-hour giving extravaganza will take place on September 19, 2019. It will be preceded by 10 days of scheduled giving from September 9-18. Throughout scheduled giving, you can give to the thousands of certified nonprofits listed on

In 2009, Communities Foundation of Texas created North Texas Giving Day to help donors give wisely to local nonprofits. Ten years, 20 counties, and more than 3,000 participating nonprofits later, this charitable movement has generated more than $240 million for our region and is the nation’s largest community-wide giving event. Each year, we elevate nonprofits and rally the community, proving to ourselves that North Texas is bigger and better when we get up and give together. In 2018 alone, North Texas Giving Day raised more than $48 million for 2,700 nonprofits through 157,000 gifts from 81,000 donors. That represents a lot of lives changed for the better.

During North Texas Giving Day, everyone has the opportunity to be a philanthropist to build a stronger and more vibrant community by supporting local nonprofits. To grow the spirit and power of giving, this year we want even more donors to participate with an ambitious goal of 100,000 donors!

Nonprofits tell us the primary reasons they participate in North Texas Giving Day are they are able to raise funds efficiently, increase their brand visibility, learn best practices and gain tools that can be used year-round, and build connections and opportunities for collaboration. Donors tell us they like being part of something big, the one-stop-shop website, the new ability to activate their own networks through FUNdraising pages, and the new ability to donate their time in addition to their money. For the next three weeks, BubbleLife will be highlighting some of these terrific nonprofits that are helping make our community one of the best.

Donation Station events, Freedom Day family volunteer events, concerts, festivals, pig-calling, a beard contest, and more are being planned all around North Texas. Find something that suits you at

Follow along to learn about some of the wonderful nonprofits participating in the day and learn more about any of the more than 3,000 nonprofits at And most importantly, don’t forget to Get up and Give on 9.19.19!

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Calling all local nonprofits…it’s that time again…you’re invited to a North Texas Giving Day nonprofit kickoff. These high energy events are the best place to learn all the ins and outs of North Texas Giving Day, including how to get started, what’s new this year (some special new bells and whistles!), and the many ways your organization can leverage North Texas Giving Day to achieve your fundraising and community awareness goals. 
You’ll leave inspired and energized, ready to celebrate the most generous day in North Texas on 9.19.19!
For your convenience, the team at Communities Foundation of Texas is making a road show of it and giving you five kickoff locations to choose from, including:

Thursday, May 23: Grayson County (Austin College in Sherman)
Tuesday, May 28: Dallas County (Moody Performance Hall in Downtown Dallas)
Thursday, May 30: Denton County (Liberty Christian School in Argyle)
Monday, June 3: Tarrant County (Texas Live! in Arlington)
Tuesday, June 4: Collin County (Collin College Conference Center in McKinney Campus)


In 2018, all of you came together and raised an incredible $48 million from our generous community. This year, the goal is to invite new donors to your cause and propel your mission forward! Get an early start by coming to a kickoff (or two if you’d like!) to hear from Communities Foundation of Texas and learn from several of your peer organizations who will be sharing their best tips and tricks.

Have questions? CFT has answers: Head over to the FAQs.
You can also get a head start by looking at 2019 key dates and the robust training calendar. 
Don’t miss it! Register now.


Is North Texas ready? Tomorrow is the big day! North Texas Giving Day officially launches tomorrow at 6 a.m.

This year mark’s the ninth year of North Texas Giving Day, which is powered by Communities Foundation of Texas.

Here is how it works: Anyone can go to and give right there on the homepage. Simply type in the name of your favorite local charity, and you can even give to multiple nonprofits all from the homepage. Or, you can search by category or county to find a nonprofit in your favorite cause area. The categories cover a range of causes from arts, animals and children to mental health, social justice and veterans. The event includes more than 2,900 nonprofits from 16 surrounding counties. Once you get to the nonprofit’s profile page, you can give quickly and easily on the donation form. Or you can scroll down on each nonprofit’s profile page, to read the agency’s mission, navigate to the charity’s website and view their GuideStar profile to do additional research on the agency.

If you know you can’t make a donation tomorrow, today is the last day of scheduled giving, so make your scheduled gift today before midnight.  

The real excitement starts tomorrow with prize money, bonus funds, and matching dollars as North Texas sees if it can meet or exceed last year’s massive $37 million total.

This year more 2,900 nonprofits are participating in the day. More than 300 of those nonprofits have raised individual matching funds, totaling over $6 million. To see which nonprofits have a match, you can search on

The leaderboard is addicting so once you make your donation follow your favorite nonprofit’s progress throughout the day by going to

Also, you can come join the fun! We’ll have free-to-the-public Donation Station events across North Texas, including breakfast tacos at Sundance Square, 50+ hands-on philanthropic activity stations and free nonprofit performances over lunch at NorthPark Center, a free evening Arlington Gives! concert at Levitt Pavilion, and fun activities, food trucks, prizes and more at Denton Square on the Courthouse Green, and Finch Park near downtown McKinney.

The Fort Worth Donation Station and PHILANTHRO-PARTY hosted by North Texas Community Foundation will be at Sundance Square Plaza (420 Main St, Fort Worth, TX) from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., featuring local VIPs, live music and entertainment and cash prizes totaling $10,000. For more details go to:

Photo credit: Kim LeesonThe Dallas County Donation Station will be at NorthPark Center (8687 NorthPark Center, Dallas, TX) from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. hosted by NorthPark Center and Communities Foundation of Texas, featuring interactive stations for nonprofits around the mall, and nonprofit performances. One $1,953 prize and several in-kind prizes will be awarded to nonprofits in attendance. For more details go to:

The Collin County Giving Day Party in the Park hosted by Volunteer McKinney and the McKinney Community Development Corporation will be at Finch Park (301 W Standifer St, McKinney, TX) from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., featuring 70 nonprofit booths, live music, dance performances and entertainment; food trucks; and sports demonstrations.  For more details go to:

The Giving Day Denton Donation Station, celebrating Denton County Nonprofits on North Texas Giving Day will be at the Denton Square on the Courthouse Green (110 West Hickory, Denton, TX) from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., featuring more than 50 nonprofits showcasing children’s activities, Beth Marie’s ice cream, and a battle of the bands contest broadcasted from the LSA burger rooftop stage. For more details go to:

The Arlington Gives! Concert and Donation Station hosted by Arlington Tomorrow Foundation will be at Levitt Pavilion (100 W Abram St, Arlington, TX) from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., featuring a musical performance by the Josh Weathers Band.  It will include information booths staffed by Arlington nonprofits, food trucks and other activities. For more details go to:



Photo credit: Kim Lesson


North Texas Giving Day, the largest giving day in the nation powered by Communities Foundation of Texas, is back on September 14, 2017! In eight years, North Texas Giving Day has generated $156 million for the community. Learn more about some of the thousands of participating nonprofits here on BubbleLife from now until Giving Day. Read more about today's featured nonprofit, Texans Can Academies, below. 

“My story begins when my mom was 15-years-old. She was raped by my father and that’s how I was conceived.”

Since the day Destiny was born, her mother resented her. Her mother watched her newborn child almost bleed out after surgery without any remorse.

The majority of her childhood only got worse as she watched drugs plague her family.

“Even my mom’s pregnancy didn’t stop her from doing drugs.”

Her stepdad would constantly beat Destiny and her mother.

“My family went through seven CPS cases, but it was hopeless because my parents would tell us what to say or they would beat us.”

Being a product of rape and abuse made it difficult for Destiny to attend school. She had to choose between caring for her baby brother because her parents had overdosed or attend school.

“When I did go, I always had to remember to cover up my bruises to avoid questions. At both of my old schools I felt like I never fit in, they just didn’t care.”

“Immediately after finding the Can Academies I didn’t feel lonely. For the first time, my teachers understood and helped me. They made me feel wanted. If it weren’t for them I don’t think I would be graduating. I finally found find the first place where I truly belonged.”

Education became Destiny’s lifeline.

Many of our students suffer through an agony that no child should go through just like Destiny. With 95 percent of our students being economically disadvantaged, we strive to break the generational cycle of poverty through education and literacy by providing solutions for them.

Donations made on North Texas Giving Day go directly to our Student Support Fund. This makes it possible to provide students with basic needs, including mental and dental health resources, food, clothing, eyeglasses, and more.

To donate to Texans Can Academies September 14th, please click here. To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit

Blog authored by: Raul Machuca, Media Director, Texans Can Academies. 



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North Texas Giving Day, the largest giving day in the nation powered by Communities Foundation of Texas, is back on September 14, 2017! In eight years, North Texas Giving Day has generated $156 million for the community. Learn more about some of the thousands of participating nonprofits here on BubbleLife from now until Giving Day. Read more about today's featured nonprofit, Frontiers of Flight Museum, below. 

Support STEM Education and Make a Difference!

There are many STEM programs available. At the Frontiers of Flight Museum (FOFM), our acclaimed STEM curriculum focuses on aviation and space flight.

When you donate on North Texas Giving Day your gifts allow us to provide and expand the STEM and Aviation & Space History curriculum and programs to 18,000 kids and growing from PK to 12th grade throughout the metroplex.

We teach kids the fundamentals and advanced skills in astronomy, physics, math, robotics, coding, the principles of flight, and much more at our FOFM Aviation & Space Camp, Spring Break Camp, school tours throughout the year, and through community outreach at schools and a plethora of events, as well as through our Youth Volunteer Program.

How Kids Grow Through STEM in Exploration Space

We take kids to the Moon, through the Solar System, exploring the Milky Way, and back to Earth using the fascinating programs in our portable planetarium, SPOC, offering students a unique learning opportunity through an interactive 3D environment.

Our Space Flight Gallery, anchored by the Apollo VII Command Module, will give students hands-on exhibits and learning stations that show the real technology and scientific theory as well as great artifacts from completed missions whose findings inspire our future space ventures.

Launched in 2016 with the addition of SPOC, our Exploration Space Initiative is a multi-faceted expansion of our STEM programming that includes a major expansion of our Space Flight Gallery with new interactive learning stations and displays. Also in the plans is a Space Video Series that will stream online for use in any classroom – providing an innovative and effective means for educators to address and deliver curriculum that teaches about the past, present and future of space exploration.

We will be reaching over 35,000 students and 95,000 visitors annually through our Exploration Space program and exhibits with your help!

To donate to Frontiers of Flight Museum on September 14th, please click here. To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit

Blog authored by: Cheryl Sutterfield-Jones, President/CEO, Frontiers of Flight Museum


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North Texas Giving Day, the largest giving day in the nation powered by Communities Foundation of Texas, is back on September 14, 2017! In eight years, North Texas Giving Day has generated $156 million for the community. Learn more about some of the thousands of participating nonprofits here on BubbleLife from now until Giving Day. Read more about today's featured nonprofit, One Man’s Treasure, below. 

Appearances often create superficial impressions, which in turn can summon judgment of one's character. Have you ever rejected buying a fruit just because it had too many spots or didn't seem to be the ripest? One way or the other, the modern society we live in today puts a subjective importance on the appearance of everything and everyone, starting from the food on our very own plate to the people surrounding us.

Throughout our busy lives, we rarely dedicate the time to analyze what’s inside. In reality, we often jump to conclusions by what is exposed on the outside. If this happens with the objects we rely on to survive, imagine when it comes to humans?

That is the very reason why our organization, One Man’s Treasure, works to better the appearance of men recently released from prison. When an inmate is released from a Texas prison, he is given an ill-fitting pair of pants and shirt, a bus pass, and $100. The delivery of a set of clothing to these men by our volunteer “shepherds” isn’t just handing them a shirt to put on their back, it’s a symbol of opportunity. These clothes allow a potential to bring a better social perspective towards these men, increasing their own abilities to see themselves in a different manner and allow others to see them in a new light.

What can an outfit of clothing really do?

Our story is about Michael, after his release from prison about four years ago, three of One Man’s Treasure’s shepherds wanted to personally deliver his set of clothes to him, after knowing him for many years through different prison programs.

Having three men who supported him in prison continue to support him in the free world, along with a ministry that cared enough to send clothes helped Michael have the confidence he needed to start over.

With help from his transition home and appropriate clothes to wear, he found employment as an electrician’s assistant and has continued to moved up in that career. After a year, he moved into his own home, married a lady he met at his church and began to serve His Lord by serving others!

To donate to One Man's Treasure on September 14th, please click here. To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit

Blog authored by: Annette Jenkins, Executive Director, One Man's Treasure


The nation’s largest giving day officially kicks off today with the first day of scheduled giving. Beginning at 8 a.m. donors can go to and schedule gifts for their favorite nonprofits. Scheduled giving will take place between now and 11:59:59 p.m. on September 13, 2017. Then the official day starts at 6 a.m. on September 14.

This is the first year that the event has offered scheduled giving.

“Scheduled giving allows donors to make arrangements for their gifts especially if they already know they will be out of town or unable to make a donation on Giving Day,” said Susan Swan Smith, Chief Relationship Officer, Communities Foundation of Texas. “We hope this gives more people the opportunity to participate and allows donors the opportunity to plan their giving approach.” 

Over the past two weeks, North Texas nonprofits have stepped up in big ways to help our friends, families and neighbors from South Texas. The community continues to see a great need both in DFW and in our neighboring communities. North Texas Giving Day gives us the opportunity to give back to these diligent and tireless nonprofits.

This year a record-breaking number of nonprofits are participating. More than 2,900 nonprofits have registered and have been approved to participate in the day, which is up from the 2,500 nonprofits that participated last year. In 2016, the event raised $37 million and the group aims to meet or exceed that total this year. For the past five years, the event has broken national records for Giving Day and it continues to be the largest community-wide giving event in the nation.

A launch event, Celebration of Giving, will kick off the community movement at Communities Foundation of Texas today from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The total raised during the scheduled giving period will be announced on Giving Day. 

To prepare for this tremendous day, many nonprofits have raised their own supplementary 1:1 matching funds to augment bonus funds and prizes raised by CFT and to further boost donations.

Donations up to $10,000 made September 7 through 14 to the 2,900 nonprofits listed on the site will be amplified by the general bonus funds and prizes. Nonprofits with matching funds will be shown on their own leaderboard on so donors can follow their favorite nonprofit’s progress throughout the day.