Written by: Jan Langbein, CEO of Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support

North Texas Giving Day is back this year on September 19th. We are spotlighting one of the more than 3,000 nonprofits participating this year, Genesis Women’s Shelter. Read more about the impact of North Texas Giving Day below.

For more than a decade, Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support has participated in North Texas Giving Day, using this powerful community initiative to raise funds for programs like our award-winning K-12 school and cutting-edge counseling services that help women and children heal from the trauma of domestic violence. In 2018 alone, the North Texas Giving Day campaign raised a whopping $225,000! For the 3,700 women and children served by Genesis each year, this money provides help, hope and healing. These critical funds provide women with safety, shelter and the resources necessary to take care of themselves and their little ones.  

Each year, North Texas Giving Day provides an avenue through which donors are encouraged to give and inspire real, worthwhile changes in their own community. Last year, more than 100 of the people who donated to Genesis during Giving Day were first-time donors, showing us that North Texas Giving Day is successfully raising awareness about vital community issues into new and untapped audiences! The philanthropic spirit of Giving Day is truly visible year after year: as the largest giving campaign in the nation, Giving Day brings together a community of support and strength for the women and children that Genesis serve. 

At Genesis, we understand the isolating effects that domestic violence has. When a woman first comes to Genesis, we show her that we are there for her and that we believe her. We use our resources to help and support her – but first, those resources must come from somewhere. Campaigns like North Texas Giving Day motivate and inspire donors to display an incredible amount of compassionate empathy for many wonderful causes. When we receive a donation, it’s about more than just funding – it’s about a community of people showing up for someone in need and telling them, “We believe you, we support you and together, we can do this.” 

On September 19, 2019, get up and give to support women at Genesis Women’s Shelter at:


Authored by: Danna Taylor, Rockwall High School Robotics Booster Club, Inc. - Treasurer

Over the years North Texas Giving Day has assisted our team in reaching almost 1.5 million people, and helped us raise critical funds to:

  • Start Robotics teams for elementary students to spread awareness for STEM in younger students

  • Helped us create STEM Gals, an offseason robotics competition to bring awareness to women in STEM

  • Created presentations for younger students interested in STEM, who will help us erase the 1 million STEM worker gap expected by 2020. 

  • Held presentations for parents to teach them how to create teams   

Our team can be seen all over Rockwall in our orange camo pants! Over the past 16 years, we have built a team with a reputation of being leaders in our community. We make efforts to improve the skills of our team members, provide enriching robotics activities to local residents, and volunteer in our community, to create a bright and sustainable future in Rockwall, Texas. We encourage our students to develop an interest in STEM beyond our robotics season. Our program provides the opportunity for our students to experience real-world engineering projects and enhance our organizational and communication skills. This mindset demonstrates our team’s focus and builds our character.

Because of this commitment, our team is stronger, our district is stronger, and our community is stronger. Through our extensive outreach efforts at over 260 events, we have spread STEM to more than 4,000,000 people and volunteered 5,000+ hours since June 2016. We believe that through these activities we are going to change the world. Together, we are the Rockwall High School Robotics Team.

Get up and give this Thursday, North Texas Giving Day to the Rockwall High School Robotics Team. 


Written by Natalie Boyle, President and CEO of Mommies In Need

North Texas Giving Day is back this year on September 19th. We are spotlighting one of the more than 3,000 nonprofits participating this year, Mommies in Need. Read more about the impact of the Giving Day below. 

I started Mommies In Need five years ago after dealing with cancer treatment while a stay-at-home mom to twin toddlers. That experience led me to develop a program that provides nannies to moms going through a health crisis. To date, we have served Dallas families with over 20,000 hours of free childcare. Not only is our in-home program flourishing, but we are about to open a free drop-in childcare center at Parkland Hospital that we expect to serve more than 3,000 children each year!

Since 2015, Mommies In Need has raised over $160,000 through North Texas Giving Day. The funds and awareness that have come from NTXGD have been a huge factor in our success and quick growth.  Last year, NTXGD brought in almost $60,000, which gave us the capital to expand into Colin County and provide an additional 4,000 hours of free childcare!

Giving Day is one of my favorite times of the year (check our Facebook page to see previous fundraising stunts like singing Karaoke in Target and getting a tattoo of our logo!) It is also a chance for me to get to know and work with other members of the robust and innovative community of non-profits here in North Texas.

North Texas Giving Day is not just about getting people to donate to their favorite non-profit. The spirit of NTXGD is one of abundance- yes, I want people to give to MIN, but I also want them to discover and support as many other organizations as they can!

This year, we are introducing two new elements to our Giving Day celebrations:

First, we have partnered with three other organizations (HopeKids, Pamper Lake Highlands, and Team Mercy) to put together a fundraising challenge: if we can get 50 individual donors to give to all four organizations then our sponsor, Mission Increase Foundation, will award us each a $2,500 bonus prize!!

We are also hosting an “After School Funfest” sponsored by Comerica Bank with snow cones, cotton candy, face-painting, pet adoptions, and more to celebrate Giving Day. We are inviting other non-profits to participate to celebrate that our community is so vibrant because of ALL of the amazing organizations that strengthen North Texas!

Everyone is welcome to join Mommies In Need at our NTXGD After School Fun Fest on Thursday, September 19 from 2-6pm at the Comerica bank at Mockingbird and Abrams!

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Written by Vicki Niedermayer, Chief Executive Officer, Helping Restore Ability

North Texas Giving Day is back this year on September 19th. We are spotlighting one of this year’s participating nonprofits, Helping Restore Ability.

Take a moment to consider the steps you take to get out of bed, make your coffee or breakfast, put in a load of laundry, and take a shower. Many of us go through these mindless tasks before even fully opening our eyes each morning. Now imagine you do not have use of your lower body, you cannot walk more than 10 steps without supplemental oxygen, you cannot remember where your kitchen is, or your blood pressure plummets if you move too fast. These are very real everyday concerns for 1 in 5 people in North Texas.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention makes a startling claim: “Today, about 50 million Americans, or one in five people, are living with at least one disability.” Factor in accelerated Baby Boomer aging, and the result is a sharp increase in the need for services to care for people – services that offer independence, freedom, and dignity. A disabling condition spans a broad range, from infants with a congenital disease, to toddlers diagnosed with autism, to teenagers now using a wheelchair after an accident, to parents who battle cancer, to grandparents diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Helping Restore Ability exists to promote this independence and enrich the lives of people of all ages with any type of disabling condition. Helping Restore Ability serves 1,100 people with a network of 2,500 personal care attendants offering over 2 million hours of care each year in the client’s own home. Personal care attendants ensure that daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, cooking, cleaning, feeding and light housekeeping as well as more extensive care such as nursing care and therapies continue for the individual so that they are able to remain as independent as possible and in their home, maintaining their dignity. Often, the alternative is a nursing home or a care facility, which is very costly and hard on the individual and family emotionally.

Thanks to the support that we receive on North Texas Giving Day, more individuals can receive services each year. Last year’s event alone enabled us to be able to enroll 13 new clients in a lifetime (approximately 25 years) of in-home care services at no cost to them or their family. On behalf of the 1,100 clients we serve, Thank You for supporting North Texas non-profits and Helping Restore Ability. Learn more at and get up and give on North Texas Giving Day, 9-19-19.


Written by: Lenita Dunlap, CEO

North Texas Giving Day is back this year on September 19th. We are spotlighting one of the more than 3,000 nonprofits participating this year, Heart House.  

Picture this: You’re only 8 years old and you live in a war-torn country, with the threat of violence all around you. Your parents wake you up in the middle of the night and tell you that you have to leave quickly, leaving everything you have behind. You know you are looking for somewhere “safe.” But what does “safe” even mean? You might travel on foot for a week, but your journey could also last months. Finally, you might arrive to a refugee camp. You might stay for months, possibly years.

Then, you arrive in a new country: the U.S. The process is long, arduous. No one speaks your language. You have a new home, perhaps shared with two other nuclear families, relatives of your mom or dad. Attending school is intimidating. Making friends? Forget it.

Above all, though, dark memories and experiences of home and your journey hold over your head. Sleepless nights, perhaps. Perhaps you stop talking altogether. You might run to hide in corners.

You are stuck in a constant state of chaos. 

But what if there was some place where you could go every day to deal with these feelings?

A safe place, after-school, every week day, from three to six, perhaps. Perhaps this program’s classrooms are actually in your apartments. Perhaps, in the clubhouse of your apartments. Perhaps at a nearby community center.

A place with teachers who could help with your homework – in-depth help, at your own pace. Teachers who understand your experiences, who give you a mindful corner, a place where you can go to regulate yourself. When you are feeling angry, melancholy, anxious... you, and only you, decide to go to this place. You could sit on the furry, comfy chair, perhaps grab a book. Perhaps close your eyes. Until you decide you feel better.

These teachers – they understand your culture, and they want you to love it. They tailor projects around learning more about your culture. You feel cherished. You can ask questions about this new addition to your culture – this American addition. Your teachers will happily answer. They will guide you through, whenever you need them.

This safe place with understanding teachers - it could also have counselors who can talk to you about your trauma and fears and culture and adjusting to your new life. They help you find that voice – that voice and agency that is given to you all of the time in the classroom, like when you decide to go to the mindful corner.

You are dealing with your problems, with the help of these teachers.

You make friends. You are able to catch up in school. You learn the language. You find your voice. You are able to regulate yourself. You understand what is happening within your body. You make friends.

You are moving from chaos to calm.

This place exists, and you’ve probably been a mile away without knowing it. We reside on the other side of US-75, across Northpark Center.

Heart House is an education non-profit that serves refugee children with a holistic after-school and summer program utilizing culturally relevant, social emotional learning to help refugee children thrive in their new community – Vickery Meadow in Dallas. We work in three sites – all within the community, within a 3-mile radius. Two are apartment-based, where a lot of our students live, and the third is at Northwest Community Center.

Donating just $300 this North Texas Giving Day will cover the cost of a YEAR of this program for a child. That’s only $25 a month for a program that can help a child deal with their trauma.

Give kids the tools they need to succeed and thrive right here in Dallas by donating to Heart House this North Texas Giving Day. Dollar for dollar gifts on North Texas Giving Day will be matched up to $19K. Get up and give here:



Witten by: Demetrice Smith

North Texas Giving Day is back this year on September 19th. We are spotlighting one of the more than 3,000 nonprofits participating this year, Creeping Vines Online. Read more about the impact of the event below.

Self-care is a form of therapy. Taking steps to feel good are often as simple as riding a bike, literally.

Bike riding, hiking, walking, running, tennis and other physical activities as well as some non-physical exerting activities such as meditation, reading, listening to music, visiting an art gallery, and even travelling are all examples of accomplishments that support self-care.

Therapy, often be seen as clinical interventions, can also be recognized as the daily or weekly steps an individual can take to support mental wellness and positive well-being. Group activities and events that allow individuals to join together in common unison foster mental confidence and individual mental clarity.

Your self-care is personal; only you know what works for you.

Creeping Vines Online offers a yearly women’s mental wellness event. The dollars donated through North Texas Giving Day allow us to bring a many women together from all walks of life, all ages, and conditions to share stories of hope, confidence, and truth, and encourages women to remove the masks of shame and stigma through the UnMasked Women Campaign. The Unmasked Women Campaign fosters confidence in unity and helps women find the necessary coping and communication skills and the confidence to say, “I’m not okay” and ask for help if needed. We offer a variety of workshops, discussion circles, one-on-one coaching activities, group activities, along with fashion, fun, and of course food.

Each year we highlight certain women throughout each day of the month and post their “power quote” to inspire other women to step from behind their own mask and focus on clinical therapy if needed, but also daily self-care as a part of their practical routine.

Join us for UnMasked Women May 2020 as we continue to empower women to live bold lives and erase the stigma surrounding mental health! And get up and give on 9.19.19 at


Written by: Mark Rummel 

North Texas Giving Day is back this year on September 19th. We are spotlighting one of the more than 3,000 nonprofits participating this year, Trinity Habitat for Humanity. Read more about the impact of the event below.

Trinity Habitat for Humanity is continuing their One Day, One Home tradition for North Texas Giving Day this year. They’ve set a BOLD goal for September 19 - fund Esther and Valeria Becerra’s entire Habitat home in a single day!

In 2017, the community came together on North Texas Giving Day and funded Rachel Williams and her grandchildren’s Habitat home in one day! Then last year, everyone did it again in support of Khadijah and her boys! Now, with your help, Trinity Habitat is going to do it yet again! With your gift, which will be DOUBLED on Sept. 19, Trinity Habitat will be able to build Esther and Valeria’s quality, affordable Habitat home this year! 

Esther, a single mom, has found with rising housing costs, working hard has not been enough to afford a stable, quality home. She and her 8-year-old daughter, Valeria, share a bedroom in a small apartment. Living there for eight years, Esther has never felt safe. But with your support, Esther will finally be able to provide Valeria with a safe, stable home.

Esther understands the value of homeownership and is committed to building a better life for her daughter! When she was approved to purchase a Habitat home, Esther got right to work investing her 250 sweat equity hours - what Habitat requires in place of a down payment. One of her favorite ways to earn her hours has been helping build other Habitat families’ homes. She feels good helping others and has been able to meet and work alongside some of her future neighbors.

Valeria is a bubbly 8-year-old full of life. She could not be more excited about having her own room and a backyard! She plans to paint her room her favorite color, light pink, and decorate it with her favorite princess, Moana. 

Having an affordable mortgage is what Esther is excited about. She will have a quality, stable home in a safe neighborhood at a price she can afford. In addition to being able to afford the basic necessities for herself and Valeria, Esther will also be able to start saving for something very important to her, Valeria’s education. And, because Esther’s mortgage payment has no-interest, she will begin building up equity in her home very quickly. This will help provide long-term financial stability for her family.

Learn more and be a part of getting Esther and Valeria into their new Habitat home at Follow Trinity Habitat’s progress towards their BOLD goal on Sept. 19 at


Author:  Jim Hanophy, Ability Connection President & CEO

Ability Connection, a nonprofit dedicated to enriching the lives of children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities, is pleased to be taking part in the 11th annual North Texas Giving Day on Thursday, September 19, 2019. The 18-hour giving day extravaganza runs from 6:00 a.m. through midnight on

Celebrating 66 years in the community, Ability Connection originally started as United Cerebral Palsy. We provide comprehensive life-changing care, training and support services to more than 700 individuals within Texas. Headquartered in Dallas, we also have offices in Austin, Fort Worth, Waco and Wichita Falls, as well as a new training facility in Southlake and group homes in Dallas, Garland, Richardson and throughout the rest of the state.

At Ability Connection, our core values are compassion, respect and results. We focus on those by offering a variety of services, allowing those with disabilities to live their very best life. Since our members are diverse, we offer flexible programs that are designed to meet the needs of each member individually. Our training centers focus on life skills, personal growth, recreation, and employment preparation and support. Our residential program offers community living in a place people can call ‘home’, complete with 24-hour assistance and care. We even offer services that allow members to receive assistance while staying with family in the comfort of their own home.

While Ability Connection does receive government support, the need for support from private individuals, private foundations and corporations is paramount. That’s why North Texas Giving Day is very important to us. More than 156,000 Texans with disabilities are on a waiting list for services like the ones offered by Ability Connection. We need the support from the North Texas community to continue to serve our members and those waiting for service.

Whether it’s $10 or $1,000, every dollar helps. Not available on September 19? You can schedule your gift to Ability Connection between September 9 and September 18. Your gift will then be processed on North Texas Giving Day when it will be matched and multiplied with bonus funds. There's also a new way for you to raise money this North Texas Giving Day by creating a personalized FUNdraising page on the North Texas Giving Day website.

To donate to Ability Connection on North Texas Giving Day, visit With your help, we can continue to provide world class services to those in need.



Written by: Valerie Murdoch

North Texas Giving Day is back this year on September 19th. We are spotlighting one of this year’s participating nonprofits, Mission East Dallas.

We often take healthcare for granted, but we’re seeing more and more people find themselves with less coverage for healthcare, or none at all. When this happens people simply avoid the doctor, and simple conditions turn into serious concerns.

At Mission East Dallas, we believe healthcare should be accessible for all, and we provide care for people of all ages and all backgrounds. We even have a dental clinic and behavioral health clinic available in the same facility, making it easy to have a team of doctors helping you out!

Brenda, one of our past board presidents, shared how she got introduced to our clinic:

In 2010 I discovered I had Type II Diabetes. I knew I needed a primary doctor for this condition. I had no insurance at that time and quotes for private insurance were not an affordable option for my budget.

I started with Parkland but was turned down by every clinic for financial support in order to see a doctor. My salary was just barely above their cap and because of that I didn’t qualify. I eventually found help where I was able to make payments instead of a flat-out denial of care. While there I started seeing Dr. Berry who talked to me about my diabetes, discussed medication, and created a plan for me to take care of my health.

When Dr. Berry moved his practice to Mission East Dallas, I discovered this wonderful clinic and I instantly felt at home. It’s important that the staff you see even before you see the doctor make you feel comfortable.

Over five years, Dr. Berry and I had formed a trusted partnership in my healthcare. By October of 2013, my Diabetes was then and is still today, diet controlled. I couldn’t have done this without faith, Dr. Berry, and support from friends, family, and staff at Mission East Dallas. It was a long journey to change my lifestyle, but was worth every moment!

At Mission East Dallas, we are proud to support patients just like Brenda who have real situations and need reliable care. We believe in the power of prevention and we help patients prevent more serious conditions every single day.

Thanks to donors, grants, and funding from programs like North Texas Giving Day, we are able to support patients, regardless of their ability to pay. We can help prevent more serious health issues and promote healthy lifestyles for our community.

Get up and Give on September 19 to Mission East Dallas at Thank you for supporting the work at Mission East Dallas!


By Dr. Paul Wolfe, Head of School, The Cambridge School of Dallas

North Texas Giving Day is back this year on September 19th. We are spotlighting one of the more than 3,000 nonprofits participating this year, Cambridge School of Dallas. Read more about the impact of the event below.

Do you ever think there should be better educational options? Or think that our next generation should understand how to communicate well, treat others with respect, be civically cognizant, have an understanding and appreciation for the classics, know how to defend their beliefs, and be equipped to enter the world as a contributing member of society?

The founders of The Cambridge School of Dallas believed that as well, which is why they founded a Christ-centered, classical, college preparatory school.

The Cambridge School of Dallas is addressing the world’s deepest needs in classical ways. We offer grades 5 through 12 in an environment where students use the history, philosophy, and literature of yesterday to confront the culture with timeless truths and be solution oriented for today’s world. Our mission of “Academic Discipleship: Fostering a Love of Learning with a Passion for Jesus Christ” is evident in each classroom, on each sports team, and at each social event.

An investment in The Cambridge School of Dallas is an investment in preparing students to enter the world with a classical perspective based on a quality education, resulting in critically important skills. The Cambridge School of Dallas is in a unique position to equip students to prepare for college and adulthood. We challenge our students to think for themselves, equipping them with the tools they need to live and defend their faith on an intellectual level, while earning significant credits through Advanced Placement (AP) courses, attending highly selective universities, often receiving significant scholarship dollars.

Monetary funds from North Texas Giving Day allow The Cambridge School of Dallas to continue to function as an exemplary institution in the Dallas area. With dollars from North Texas Giving Day, we could cover most, if not all, of our annual fund costs to run and manage our school. If we were able to meet those costs, any additional dollars that came in during the school year could be diverted for scholarships, needed project funds, or invested in the future of The Cambridge School of Dallas.

Dollars from North Texas Giving Day not only will allow The Cambridge School of Dallas’s mission to continue but will provide North Texas with civic-minded young adults who will help shape the future of this city and country in a positive way. That is an investment in the future worth making.