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Written by Vicki Niedermayer, Chief Executive Officer, Helping Restore Ability

North Texas Giving Day is back this year on September 19th. We are spotlighting one of this year’s participating nonprofits, Helping Restore Ability.

Take a moment to consider the steps you take to get out of bed, make your coffee or breakfast, put in a load of laundry, and take a shower. Many of us go through these mindless tasks before even fully opening our eyes each morning. Now imagine you do not have use of your lower body, you cannot walk more than 10 steps without supplemental oxygen, you cannot remember where your kitchen is, or your blood pressure plummets if you move too fast. These are very real everyday concerns for 1 in 5 people in North Texas.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention makes a startling claim: “Today, about 50 million Americans, or one in five people, are living with at least one disability.” Factor in accelerated Baby Boomer aging, and the result is a sharp increase in the need for services to care for people – services that offer independence, freedom, and dignity. A disabling condition spans a broad range, from infants with a congenital disease, to toddlers diagnosed with autism, to teenagers now using a wheelchair after an accident, to parents who battle cancer, to grandparents diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Helping Restore Ability exists to promote this independence and enrich the lives of people of all ages with any type of disabling condition. Helping Restore Ability serves 1,100 people with a network of 2,500 personal care attendants offering over 2 million hours of care each year in the client’s own home. Personal care attendants ensure that daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, cooking, cleaning, feeding and light housekeeping as well as more extensive care such as nursing care and therapies continue for the individual so that they are able to remain as independent as possible and in their home, maintaining their dignity. Often, the alternative is a nursing home or a care facility, which is very costly and hard on the individual and family emotionally.

Thanks to the support that we receive on North Texas Giving Day, more individuals can receive services each year. Last year’s event alone enabled us to be able to enroll 13 new clients in a lifetime (approximately 25 years) of in-home care services at no cost to them or their family. On behalf of the 1,100 clients we serve, Thank You for supporting North Texas non-profits and Helping Restore Ability. Learn more at and get up and give on North Texas Giving Day, 9-19-19.

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