Written by: Valerie Murdoch

North Texas Giving Day is back this year on September 19th. We are spotlighting one of this year’s participating nonprofits, Mission East Dallas.

We often take healthcare for granted, but we’re seeing more and more people find themselves with less coverage for healthcare, or none at all. When this happens people simply avoid the doctor, and simple conditions turn into serious concerns.

At Mission East Dallas, we believe healthcare should be accessible for all, and we provide care for people of all ages and all backgrounds. We even have a dental clinic and behavioral health clinic available in the same facility, making it easy to have a team of doctors helping you out!

Brenda, one of our past board presidents, shared how she got introduced to our clinic:

In 2010 I discovered I had Type II Diabetes. I knew I needed a primary doctor for this condition. I had no insurance at that time and quotes for private insurance were not an affordable option for my budget.

I started with Parkland but was turned down by every clinic for financial support in order to see a doctor. My salary was just barely above their cap and because of that I didn’t qualify. I eventually found help where I was able to make payments instead of a flat-out denial of care. While there I started seeing Dr. Berry who talked to me about my diabetes, discussed medication, and created a plan for me to take care of my health.

When Dr. Berry moved his practice to Mission East Dallas, I discovered this wonderful clinic and I instantly felt at home. It’s important that the staff you see even before you see the doctor make you feel comfortable.

Over five years, Dr. Berry and I had formed a trusted partnership in my healthcare. By October of 2013, my Diabetes was then and is still today, diet controlled. I couldn’t have done this without faith, Dr. Berry, and support from friends, family, and staff at Mission East Dallas. It was a long journey to change my lifestyle, but was worth every moment!

At Mission East Dallas, we are proud to support patients just like Brenda who have real situations and need reliable care. We believe in the power of prevention and we help patients prevent more serious conditions every single day.

Thanks to donors, grants, and funding from programs like North Texas Giving Day, we are able to support patients, regardless of their ability to pay. We can help prevent more serious health issues and promote healthy lifestyles for our community.

Get up and Give on September 19 to Mission East Dallas at Thank you for supporting the work at Mission East Dallas!

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