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1/19/2012 What Color Compliments Your Personality and Style?
There truly is a science behind color. Without even being aware, a certain color in a room can stimulate your senses in so many ways. Calm colors for example...
Jan Revels
12/8/2011 Is the Holiday Decorating Sneaking Up On You?
With Christmas around the corner it’s time to rush to the mall for the holiday sales, pick up stocking stuffers and of course, prepare and decorate for your...
Jan Revels
11/9/2011 Need Help With Holiday Decorating?
The holidays are upon us and it’s time to add some sparkle to your home. Chateau Concepts offers a variety of custom decorating services. Lush green, lighted...
Jan Revels
10/14/2011 Design Tips for the Holiday Seasons
Fall and winter are my favorite times to decorate. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, I always find inspirations from nature. Fall gives us a cornucopia of...
Jan Revels
9/12/2011 Time to Update Your Entertainment Center
Jan Leachman, Chateau Concepts : Custom entertainment centers and cabinetry Do you have an area in your home that just doesn't work? Maybe your new HD flat...
Jan Revels
9/1/2011 Time to Redesign Your Living Space
Looking for some design help when it comes to decorating your home? We all may have a vision, but making that vision a reality isn’t always easy. Chateau...
Jan Leachman