There truly is a science behind color. Without even being aware, a certain color in a room can stimulate your senses in so many ways. Calm colors for example invite you into a room to relax and curl up with a good book; bolder colors spark your creativity and inspire your imagination. 

Not all of us are “naturals” when it comes to choosing color concepts for the design of our home, that is why I am sharing my expertise in color and design with you all. If you want to make the most of your personality and style, arrange for a professional color consultation by calling Jan Leachman with Chateau Concepts at 214.797.4657.

Here is a brief look at the new color trends for 2012.

Red!  The Chinese year of the dragon.
The color red represents passion, excitement and is known to be a color of courage. This year’s reds range from fuchsia to orange red to violet and delicate pink, a gradation of hues using the entire red spectrum. 

  • Smoky Salmon – pale, fleshy pink, soft and velvety
  • Sunset – light terracotta, dusty and earthy
  • Daredevil – bold orange red, rich and tribal


“Blue Economy” Using our oceans as sustainable resources and the relationship between man and nature
Blue represents love, tranquility, history and royalty.  Its classic hues range from chambray to denim to cobalt to royal.  Imagine the lightest blue of the sky to the darkest depth of the ocean.    

  • Upward – the lightest blue, early morning sky
  • Denim – muted blue, the color of your favorite jeans
  • Honorable Blue – dark and pure, naval and royalty


Green is the newly coined word for sustainability
The many shades of green represent life, growth, nature and fertility.  From grass to olive to turquoise to teal, they are all the colors of our natural surroundings.

  • Tidewater – fresh and light, coke bottle glass 
  • Turquish – vibrant, native, exotic stones
  • Really Teal – the darkest mixture of blue and green, deep ocean water


Neutrals play a large part in our color schemes.  They are grounding and blend all of the many combinations of shades and hues.  From tan to gold to taupe and grey, like natures backdrop on a winter’s day.

  • Collonade Gray – light grey, the color of stone
  • Latte – warm beige, milky coffee
  • Bosc Pear – antique gold, ripe and sweet


Wishing you a color filled happy New Year,

Jan Leachman
Chateau Concepts

Phone: (214) 797-4657


With Christmas around the corner it’s time to rush to the mall for the holiday sales, pick up stocking stuffers and of course, prepare and decorate for your holiday party. With so much to do in so little time, I’m sure if you could ask Santa for anything this year it would be some help.

One solution to the busiest time of year is holiday decorating by Chateau Concept’s interior designer, Jan Leachman. Whether it is decorating the Christmas tree, a mantle, your stairway or a complete design for your holiday party, Chateau Concepts will take care of you.

This is the time to deck your halls for celebrating the holidays, family and friends. Garlands, ribbons, candles, tablescapes, Christmas trees and wreaths of sparkling reds and greens will fill your home with warmth and joy this holiday season.

If you need help decorating for the holidays or just a special party, call Jan Leachman at Chateau Concepts.

I wish you all Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

Jan Leachman, Allied ASID
Chateau Concepts Interior Design

Phone: (214) 797-4657

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The holidays are upon us and it’s time to add some sparkle to your home.  Chateau Concepts offers a variety of custom decorating services.

  • Lush green, lighted garlands with ribbons, bows and baubles
  • Mantles filled with greenery, candles and collectibles
  • Tablescapes of sparkling shapes
  • Christmas trees with glitz and glitter
  • Wreaths with all the colors of Christmas
  • Soldiers and Santa’s for your entryway
  • Installation and take down of all decorations

With December just weeks away, now is the time to book your consultation.  All custom designs require time to order, receive and fabricate.  By calling today, we can ensure the best selection of decorations.  I look forward to meeting you.

For all of your Christmas designs and decorating, call Chateau Concepts, creating your dreams from concept to reality.  

Happy Holidays,

Jan Leachman, Allied ASID
Chateau Concepts Interior Design

Phone: (214) 797-4657

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Fall and winter are my favorite times to decorate.  From Thanksgiving to Christmas, I always find inspirations from nature. 

Fall gives us a cornucopia of renewed colors, from the ochres (golden-yellow) and umbers (natural browns) of turning leaves to the vibrant oranges and greens of pumpkins and gourds.  And as the leaves change, so does our concept of design.  Here are some welcoming ways to greet your guests and ideas for entertaining.

Cluster assorted shapes and sizes of pumpkins and gourds by your doorstep.  Use bales of hay to add height and texture.  Mix in mums for added color and scarecrows for a little whimsy.

Continue the theme on your mantle inside with harvest candles, fall leaves and a colorful group of gourds. Can’t find pretty leaves?  No problem, you can buy them at a local craft store.

Halloween is a great time to entertain.  I attend an annual pumpkin carving party hosted by a good friend.  Every year, the pumpkins get scarier as our creativity is challenged and our carving skills are honed.  It’s a grown up way to enjoy the fun we used to have as kids.  Of course, it’s BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin).

A fun centerpiece for your table is a pumpkin topiary.  Select three pumpkins small, medium and large.  Use an urn if you have one or a Terra Cotta pot.  Stack them on top of each other and secure with a skewer or large popsicle stick.  Add some leaves around the rim of the container for additional color and texture. 

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude.  A wonderful way to remember the blessings we share is to ask everyone in your family to write a few things they are thankful for on a note.  Then put them in a jar and ask each person to select one and read it aloud, pre-turkey. 

Christmas brings a new color palette to our homes.  Scarlet red berries and apples, deep forest and bright lime greens with sparkling silver, gold and copper create a beautiful combination for decorating.  For a brighter pop add turquoise, teal or royal blue to the mix. 

Design a table scape with a collection of glitter trees, metallic finials, ornaments and candle holders.  Mix and match the shapes and sizes to give height and interest.  Use a gold or silver fabric to create a base and soften the edges of the grouping.    

Give your stairway a cascade of color by using lush green fir garlands with colorful ribbons and sparkling ornaments.  Use pre-lit garlands for an extra twinkle of light.     

For all of your seasonal design and decorating, call Chateau Concepts, creating your dreams from concept to reality.

Jan Leachman
Chateau Concepts

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Jan Leachman, Chateau Concepts : Custom entertainment centers and cabinetry

Do you have an area in your home that just doesn't work? Maybe your new HD flat screen needs a more functional niche? Chateau Concepts can design the perfect home entertainment center to house all of your A/V gear whether it’s seen or not. 

Below is an example of an outdated entertainment center that was taking up valuable space. The built in unit lacked balance between shelving and cabinets and looked as if it was designed as an afterthought. It was also an inadequate size for the larger scaled televisions we have today.  

I created a new entertainment center that allowed the unit to be fully functional by using the all of the available space. Carved moulding with fluted columns and raised panel doors are just a few of the features that make this piece truly elegant. The arched opening adds softness to the many angles and the rich wood gives the piece depth, creating a beautiful focal point for the room.  

A vision for excellence, true functionality and quality craftsmanship are key elements in all of our designs. Let us create a new home entertainment center designed just for you. Chateau Concepts, creating your dreams from concept to reality.  


Jan Leachman

Chateau Concepts Interior Designer

Phone: (214) 797-4657


Looking for some design help when it comes to decorating your home? We all may have a vision, but making that vision a reality isn’t always easy. Chateau Concepts is ready to design your living space to meet your needs and style.

Jan Leachman, owner and principal interior designer of Chateau Concepts, combines function and style to create the ideal design for your home.  She’ll give your home a timeless appearance by incorporating classic materials into an effective use of space.

Good design seamlessly melds function and style. Effective organization of space must be the foundation for all aesthetic designs. Classic materials and quality craftsmanship are the key elements to timeless design.

Chateau Concepts provides exceptional interior design services to clients in the Dallas area. Our professional interior design services include:

  • New Home Decor Selection
  • Furniture & Upholstery Selection
  • Custom Millwork & Cabinetry
  • Wallpaper, Fabric Panels & Specialty Textures
  • Lighting Selection & Design
  • Space Planning & Furniture Layout
  • Paint & Color Selection
  • Shutters, Blinds & Shades
  • Flooring & Tile Design
  • Fine Art & Decorative Accessories

Begin designing your dream home with Chateau Concepts today!

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