There truly is a science behind color. Without even being aware, a certain color in a room can stimulate your senses in so many ways. Calm colors for example invite you into a room to relax and curl up with a good book; bolder colors spark your creativity and inspire your imagination. 

Not all of us are “naturals” when it comes to choosing color concepts for the design of our home, that is why I am sharing my expertise in color and design with you all. If you want to make the most of your personality and style, arrange for a professional color consultation by calling Jan Leachman with Chateau Concepts at 214.797.4657.

Here is a brief look at the new color trends for 2012.

Red!  The Chinese year of the dragon.
The color red represents passion, excitement and is known to be a color of courage. This year’s reds range from fuchsia to orange red to violet and delicate pink, a gradation of hues using the entire red spectrum. 

  • Smoky Salmon – pale, fleshy pink, soft and velvety
  • Sunset – light terracotta, dusty and earthy
  • Daredevil – bold orange red, rich and tribal


“Blue Economy” Using our oceans as sustainable resources and the relationship between man and nature
Blue represents love, tranquility, history and royalty.  Its classic hues range from chambray to denim to cobalt to royal.  Imagine the lightest blue of the sky to the darkest depth of the ocean.    

  • Upward – the lightest blue, early morning sky
  • Denim – muted blue, the color of your favorite jeans
  • Honorable Blue – dark and pure, naval and royalty


Green is the newly coined word for sustainability
The many shades of green represent life, growth, nature and fertility.  From grass to olive to turquoise to teal, they are all the colors of our natural surroundings.

  • Tidewater – fresh and light, coke bottle glass 
  • Turquish – vibrant, native, exotic stones
  • Really Teal – the darkest mixture of blue and green, deep ocean water


Neutrals play a large part in our color schemes.  They are grounding and blend all of the many combinations of shades and hues.  From tan to gold to taupe and grey, like natures backdrop on a winter’s day.

  • Collonade Gray – light grey, the color of stone
  • Latte – warm beige, milky coffee
  • Bosc Pear – antique gold, ripe and sweet


Wishing you a color filled happy New Year,

Jan Leachman
Chateau Concepts

Phone: (214) 797-4657