The Plano community vibrated with captivating melodies, soft vocals, and moving dances on May 11th as the "Zhang Chen Art School Ninth Annual Performance 2024" took center stage. Under Mrs. Zhang Chen's expert direction, singers, dancers, and musicians showcased their exquisite skills and unique styles, adding a vibrant touch to Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

The evening kicked off with a video reviewing the nine years of teaching at Zhang Chen Art School, which touched everyone in the audience. The stage design and lighting effects transported the audience to a dreamlike world, enhancing each song, dance, and piano performance. Thunderous applause followed every act, leaving everyone eager for the next one.

A Celebration of Collaboration

Heartfelt thanks go to Junxi Xu, President of the ACAES - ZCAS (Asian Cultural And Education Society - Zhang Chen Art School) Chapter, and his dedicated team. Their leadership and tireless efforts in organizing the concert, including planning and securing a volunteer support team, were invaluable. Mrs. Zhang Chen extends her gratitude to all performers and volunteers who contributed to the event's success.

Serving the Community

This free, public performance exemplified Zhang Chen Art School's commitment to enriching Plano's cultural and artistic landscape. It was both well-supported and received with resounding applause!

Building the Future

Jan Xie, President of the Asian Cultural and Educational Society (ACAESUSA), congratulated Zhang Chen Art School on the success of their annual performance. She also commended the newly formed ACAES - ZCAS Chapter. 

"We are fortunate to have such a dedicated Chapter of youth promoting Asian culture through singing, dancing, and piano playing, all while serving the community," said Jan Xie. "This year's President, Junxi Xu, displayed exceptional leadership and dedication. We wish Zhang Chen Art School continued success in nurturing artistic talent!"

A full list of performers and volunteers who participated in this benefit event will be provided below.

Link for larger pictures available here

Junxi Xu, Jianhui Wang, Qin Mingxia, Jefferson Li, Yu Jin, Wenya Hu, Samuel Yin, Rouxuan Wang, Liya Wang,  Nicholas Du, Kayla Zhang, Nikila Rajan, Milin Chen, Wilson Tang,  Kristen Chen, Bohan Xuan, Muffie Tian, Emily Wang, SummerYang, Weili Lin, Yuhan Pang, Ruyi Zhang, Jessie Wang, Kate Huang, Mina Young, Kunlu Wang, Melody Xia, Hansen Chen, Oliver Wang, Nathan Chen, Logan Tian, Zoe Chen, Victoria, Grace Fan, Cihan Chen, Hailin Wang, Ava Xia, Nora Ma, Anya Hu, Luna Ding, Evan Chen, Elizabeth Sue, Yiyi Wang, Emma Wang, Andy Han, Luna Ding, Lucas Ding, Yulian Lin, Angela, Lucas Chen, Jodie Lin, Alvin Fang, Anxin Dai, Andy Han,Anna Zhang, Jeremy Wang, Seraphina Li, Le Xing, Xin Tong, Jiaqi Zhao, Julian Liu, Edric Yan, Emily You, Summer Yang, Jodie Lin, Li Li, Angela Jian, Daniel Huang, Ciyun, Chen Zhang and Jan Xie.

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