On May 19th, the ACAES-GAHD Youth Chapter proved their dedication to the GAHD Dragon Boat Racing Team extended far beyond cheers at the White Rock Lake Race in Dallas.(The city of  Dallas hosted its first Asian Heritage Festival and Dragon Boat race over the weekend.)Their hard work played a crucial role in securing an impressive second-place finish.

Building a Dream Together: Pre-Race Collaboration

Months before the race, a blossoming collaboration saw the GAHD Chapter, led by President Guanyan Li, delve into the world of dragon boating. Not only did they learn the sport’s intricacies, but they also actively participated in developing the GAHD Dragon Boat Team’s training program. Their after-school hours were dedicated to researching, creating a detailed and scientifically sound training schedule in collaboration with the team’s coaches.

Rigorous Training: Dedication and Support

The training itself was demanding. The ACAES-GAHD Chapter joined the dragon boaters for grueling physical conditioning and technical drills. Their support went beyond sweat and exertion. They handled essential logistics, from preparing water and checking equipment to recording training data to optimize future sessions.

Learning by Experience: Honing Skills and Building Bonds

This wasn’t just observation for the youth team members. They actively participated in paddling practice, experiencing the challenges and thrills of the sport firsthand. As they honed their own paddling skills, they learned valuable strategies and techniques from the seasoned dragon boaters, forging a strong bond between the two groups.

Race Day: Enthusiasm and Teamwork Fuel Near Victory

Race day saw the ACAES-GAHD Chapter arrive early, their enthusiastic cheers providing a welcome morale boost to the dragon boat racers as they assisted with final equipment checks. The GAHD Dragon Boat Racing Team delivered an exceptional performance, narrowly missing first place by a mere 0.01 seconds.

Celebrating Perseverance and Teamwork: Recognizing Contributions

The near victory was a testament to the power of teamwork and perseverance. GAHD Dragon Boat Racing Team Captain Jin Li praised the youth team’s unwavering support and positive energy, acknowledging their vital role in the impressive race result.

A Transformative Experience

For the ACAES-GAHD Chapter, the experience was transformative. They gained valuable insights and skills, laying a strong foundation for their future endeavors. ACAES USA President Jan Xie stated, “Guanyan Li and the youth team had a great opportunity to grow and learn, with significant improvements. We hope they continue to serve the community.”

A Shining Example: Inspiring Young People

This successful collaboration between the GAHD Dragon Boat Racing Team and the ACAES-GAHD Chapter serves as a shining example for young people. It highlights the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and dedication, inspiring them to embrace sports and contribute to future achievements.

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