ACAESUSA Celebrating Community Unity: Highlights from the 2024 Chinese New Year Lantern Festival


The Asian Culture And Education Society USA flawlessly orchestrated the 2024 Chinese New Year Lantern Festival, marking the joyful conclusion of the Year of the Dragon. Amidst a vibrant atmosphere, adorned with colorful lanterns, attendees gathered to express gratitude to the dedicated volunteers whose efforts enrich our community's cultural landscape and positively impact countless lives. Special recognition was given to those who generously support youth empowerment and the Asian community.

Several awards were presented during the event, including the Inspirational ACAESUSA Mentor Award to Gendap President Mrs. Beverly Hill, and Mr. Jay Ho. The AAPI Media Excellence Award was bestowed upon Hojun Choi and Tiffany Liou, while the Inspirational AAPI Leader Award went to Yosselin Muller. Culture Volunteer award to Wenkuan Ma,  Youth Volunteer and Youth Leadership Awards were presented to Eric Wang, Jessica Wu, and Amy Xu, along with accolades for the ACAES collations of each youth council team and chapter presidents and leaders.

During the event, Ms. Beverly Hill played a crucial role in hosting the swearing-in ceremony of the 2024 Youth Councils, with Mr. Vincent Wang assisting remotely. This symbolized a new chapter of leadership and service within our community.

Guests were treated to captivating performances, including enchanting cello and guitar music, as well as heartfelt singing, fostering a sense of camaraderie and joy. The abundance of delicious food served throughout the evening further enhanced the overall experience for all attendees.

The event's success was made possible by the generosity of sponsors, particularly Jay and Liping, whose venue sponsorship was integral to its success.

The list of sponsors underscores their invaluable contributions to ensuring the event's triumph. These include Linghua Kong (Gold), Fat Ni BBQ (Silver), Dr. Chuling Jiang, Tianle Tong, Mr. Tan, MT Jewelry (Bronze), and Zhao Star China Bistro,UCA (Friend).


During a sincere speech, ACAESUSA President Jan Xie encouraged the newly appointed Youth Councils to be outstanding cultural ambassadors, promoting unity and compassion. Stressing the significance of dedication and love in their work, President Xie highlighted the importance of helping those in need, fostering a society where everyone can prosper and feel fulfilled.





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