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Yes, you read that headline right! If this is the first time you are hearing about goat yoga, here is everything you need to know about this crazy, fun new fitness practice. It sounds like something I want to try! Who wouldn’t like to get their workout in with cute little goats?

How Did Anyone Come Up Goat Yoga?

Goat yoga actually began in Oregon. The animal-lover and entrepreneur behind the original goat yoga concept, Lainey Morse, began the mix of yoga and her animals in 2016. While living with goats on her farm, she realized how much relief and comfort they brought her during a hard time in her life. Initially, she opened up her farm only for what she dubbed as goat “happy hours,” where people came to her farm to love on the little animals for a while. Some time later, she was approached by a yoga instructor with the idea to combine the two. She gave it a try, and the idea for goat yoga eventually became a nationwide fitness trend! 

The Goats Help Relieve Stress

Morse was going through divorce, depression, and a diagnosis of Sjogren's syndrome when she began her goat happy hours. The reason she initially opened her goats up to the public was due to the stress relief and distraction they gave her from all that she was going through. She said that goats, especially the babies, love nothing more than cuddling up to people and being pet. She knew the profound impact they have had on her, and she wanted to share that experience with others.

Can I Do This in Dallas?

Is your curiosity piqued? Do you want to be climbed on and snuggled up to by tiny goats? Me too! Fortunately, we have a few options in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that offer goat yoga experiences.

  • Here’s Your Reminder has multiple events scheduled called Happy Goat Yoga – For Charity. Your ticket serves as a donation to the nonprofit, which believes in building strong, supportive, compassionate relationships with other people, as well as advocating for those with mental illness. Come support this great mission, and hang out with the goats! Buy tickets here.

  • Deep Ellum Yoga refers to themselves as the original goat yoga destination in the Dallas area. Their Great Goat Yoga can be booked for a private event.

  • GYR Goat Yoga is a great goat yoga environment in Richardson. Located on the owner’s property, you can also book this as a private event.

Tell us – would you ever try goat yoga?

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