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Refined dining is vigorously sought after, people have traveled for years to find a dish so pleasing that it tickles their taste buds. Well weary traveler unstrap that fanny pack, we have just ended your search. City Cafe, a laid back California style bistro, is opening it's doors and pulling out a chair for you today. Offering 60% OFF A-List Certificates to be used any time you're in the mood for something fabulous. Their top of barrel chef, and world class sommelier have been working tirelessly to make sure that your dining experience is one of majesty. So use the Buy Now button, purchase your exclusive A-List Certificate, and come in and dine with the best Dallas has to offer.    

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The name of this particular eatery may be bombarding your thinker with images of tables floating on clouds and waiters with rocket propelled shoes. Well you're half right, and may we compliment you on your wonderfully vivid imagination. Kathleen's Sky Diner, or KSD for short, is the brain child of the lovely Kathleen and the devastatingly handsome Robert Ellington. In 1988 this culinary Bonnie and Clyde made their dream a reality and they've been filling our tummies with delicious treats from around the world. Today for the first time since the dawn of man, Kathleen's is offering 60% Off A-List Certificates to use any time you have a hankering for a little worldly cuisine and floating waiters. Act quickly though, much like a blue moon and the Cowboys in the Super Bowl this doesn't happen often; but when it does it's pure magic

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We could smear this A-List offer with a lot of really fancy words about Facelogic and how amazing it is, but this time we think we'll let the offer speak for itself. For only $36 you can receive and enjoy any one of the following outragiously fantastic offers listed below:


20 min microdermabrasion treatment - $89 Value
Aids in deep exfoliation.  Treatment helps normal skin types, acne, and aging to focus on lightening hyperpigmentation from age spots, sun damage and acne scars in addition to fine lines and wrinkles, and more.

20 min galvanic treatment - $89 Value
Deep cleansing of the pores, firming, lifting, and toning to aid in stopping the aging process.

20 min LED treatment - $75 Value
the red light, for anti aging, or the blue light, to kill bacteria from acne are great treatments to focus on acne lightening hyperpigmentation from age spots, sun damage, acne scars, and acne removal, in addition to fine lines and wrinkles, and more.

2 airbrush spray tans - $80 Value

Waxing services - $75 Waxing Certificate

Makeup Makeover - $64 Value
and select a free Sue Devitt lip gloss, lip stick, eye shadow or eye intensifier pencil of your choice. (a professional makeup artist will teach you how to achieve new looks with colors that hilight your features.)
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You've got boxes of beautifully executed photographs waiting to be admired by all. And that impressive diploma you worked so hard for, would look way more "head of sales and marketing" in a professionally coordinated frame rather than pinned to the wall with thumb tacks. We have been searching night and day to find a solution to your framing woes, and we did. Mann's Art & Frame has been a part of the Dallas scene since 1982 and today they're offering 55% Off A-List Certificates, because your memories deserve a front row seat to your tie collection.

Mann's Art & Frame also has the prestigious honor of being a named D Magazine's "The Best Of Big D" Reader's Choice for Best Framer. So purchase your certificate and see what all the hubbub is about.


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