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From Your A-List Concierge:

It's Monday again, but fortunately for you it's the best kind of Monday. You may be thinking to yourself, "Best kind of Monday? There is only one kind of Monday." To that we say, don't be such a negative Nancy. It's 50% Off Fajitas and Rumbaritas at Mattito's Tex-Mex today, making it a pretty decent day. Dinner starts at 5 so stick it to the man and leave a little early. Unless of course, you are the man. In which case, what are you doing at the office on a Monday anyways. Enjoy your fajitas tonight!

Check Out the New Location at Forest & Central Expy!

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From The A-List Concierge:
You've got boxes of beautifully executed photographs waiting to be admired by all. And that impressive diploma you worked so hard for, would look way more "head of sales and marketing" in a professionally coordinated frame rather than pinned to the wall with thumb tacks. We have been searching night and day to find a solution to your framing woes, and we did. Mann's Art & Frame has been a part of the Dallas scene since 1982 and today they're offering 55% Off A-List Certificates, because your memories deserve more than a front row seat to your tie collection.

Mann's Art & Frame also has the prestigious honor of being a named D Magazine's "The Best Of Big D" Reader's Choice for Best Framer. So purchase your certificate and see what all the hubbub is about.

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From The A-List Concierge:

A superb dinner really isn't something to be so nonchalant about.  We've noticed lately that you've really been neglecting your dining needs. But as usual, we are here to save the day. Preston's is offering 50% OFF Entrees Today and a special select wine list today for just saying "I'm on the A-List" when you are seated!

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  A Few Reviews:
Dallas Observer says:
"His signature white truffle and brie mac and cheese is simply the best of its ilk: creamy, rich and rib-sticking hearty...",

Dallas Morning News:"highlights were the turnip greens-and-artichoke dip, a brightly spicy turkey chili con carne and a salad of Texas bibb, blue cheese and Asian pear, delicately dressed with aged sherry vinaigrette."

"The Rahr Ugly Pug-braised short ribs were tender and delicious."

Pegasus News: "Texas Tomato and Mozzarella salad with jalapeño relish. It was amazing".

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Lavendou, named one of the 12 best new restaurants in D Magazine in 1997 is back on top again. Clutching both the Reader's Choice 2010 and Best of Big D 2010 titles for Best French Restaurant, there is a sparkly victory glow over all that is Lavendou. To celebrate, today they are offering 50% lunch or Dinner just for saying "I'm on the A-List" when you are seated.  Can't make it today?  No worries, we have 50% OFF gift certificates for you to puchase later!

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There is something to be said for having a healthy set of teeth. It gives you the confidence to smile at strangers and give a little courtesy laugh when your father in law tells a less than funny joke. For years we've been trusting our pearly whites to the man with the plan for your teeth, Dr. Lyle Petrutsas. Today we would like to share the gift of a big beautiful smile with you by presenting you with this outrageous offer: 83% Off Routine Cleaning, Exam and Digital X-Rays. Purchase your A-List Certificate and call to schedule your appointment before the phone lines are flooded with A-Listers.

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Since the dawn of time, Dallas has been called home by some of the most famous and delicious eateries known to man. It has always been a hot bed of pallet pleasing cuisine, and we at the A-List are fully convinced that this is the reason Dallas residents are so awesome, because we're so well fed. Kathleen's Sky Diner has been filling our bellies with greatness and our souls with joy for eons now. Today Kathleen wants to touch your heart with her beautifully prepared Dinner Entrees at 1/2 the usual cost. 50% OFF is a fantastic bargain for a world alteringly delicious experience. We think so anyway.Can't Make it Tonight? 

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To busy to cook the well rounded meals you or your family should be eating?  Maybe you are looking to lose weight and want the calories counted for you?  You could just be a foodie that loves freshly prepared food!

Anyway you look at it you have found the right spot.  Diet Gourmet has been delivering freshly prepared gourmet meals to the doorsteps of many of our Park Cities neighbors for years.  Here is a great deal to get a FREE Entree with purchase of another to try them out.  The only think you have to lose is the time spent in the kitchen and a few pounds if you want them to count calories for you!

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From Your A-List Concierge:
By popular demand, The Fish is back!  So you can stop sending us those angry emails now. This uptown sushi salon is the epicenter of Dallas night life, and today they are inviting you to enjoy their bold sushi with this unprecedentedly amazing A-List offer.

Only $3 for their renowned California Rolls, Spicy Tuna Rolls, Lobster Cream Puffs and Pork Dumplings!
As Well As,
$2 Sake
$2 Wells
$2 Drafts
Oh, and don't forget about 1/2 OFF ALL bottles of wine. 
So come in this evening and see what all the hubbub is about.For

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The Fish

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