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With 25 years of experience, Prego Express Italian knows what customers want... fresh food and fast service, from friendly people. Prego Express Italian offers fresh healthy alternatives with their whole grain pasta, freshly made sauces, and zero use of trans fats. Today, the Barraco family would like you to join them for 50% OFF Appetizers, Pizza, Beer & Wine for Lunch and Dinner. Prego Express Italian is ready to offer you "the whole meatball and more", so come prepared.

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From Your A-List Concierge:  Sara Randolph Hair Design        
Summer time is here,watermelons are ripening, kids are swimming, sun rays are dancing, but your hair... not so much. Hey, only a true friend would be so brutally honest, and only a well connected friend would let you in on the deal of a lifetime to fix your faux paux coiffure. Sara Randolph of Sara Randolph Hair Design wants to make you look hotter than a Texas Summer, and offer you
52% off of a cut color and highlight. That's a $165 value for only $79. All you have to do to obtain this magnificent offer is use the buy button to purchase your certificates. No need to bust out those BFF bracelets, we know you love us.

Sara has been combing, teasing, waxing, highlighting and trimming for over 12 years. Working diligently to provide the DFW area's sun kissed blondes, rich brunettes, and vibrant red heads with beautiful believable color that makes them dazzle any time of year. So click on the buy button above, purchase your certificates, give Sara a jingle and book your appointment today or tomorrow.

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