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Betty Reiter, Fashion Show sponsor; Carole Ann Brown

Turtle Creek Association also Revealed Plans for $1 million of Improvements from the 2024 Capital Bond Program


It is always a treat to attend events and dine surrounded by the significant collection of historical artifacts at the Harlan Crow Library and the Turtle Creek Association’s Azalea luncheon proved to be a most elegant affair.
JD Trueblood, President and CEO, Turtle Creek Association and Sharon Ballew, Vice President of Development and luncheon chair, greeted guests as they arrived and were offered passed hors d’oeuvres, champagne and wines at a reception sponsored by Sue Krider of Allie Beth Allman Associates.
Joining in the reception were Ann Stuart, PhD, Honorary Chair; Mary Brinegar, Honored Guest; Deborah Stanford, Honorary Chair Emeritus and board chair; Teresa Byrd, who underwrote the décor and served as an advisor along with Barbara Bigham, Carole Ann Brown and Venise Stuart; Karisti Julia with Belmont Village Senior Living on Turtle Creek, print sponsor; Mari Epperson, centerpiece design; and more.
Sharon took the stage, welcoming the crowd, and introduced JD. After brief opening remarks, he thanked Chef Mike McCoy, Chef to the Shelters, for preparing the delicious three-course luncheon and for the work Mike is doing to provide monthly meals to over 30 addiction shelters in the DFW area; and recognized Sondra and Kirk Johnson, who was attending in honor of his late mother and last year’s Honored Guest, Eddie Bernice Johnson; thanked Judith Lipscomb as one of the founders of Turtle Creek Association; recognized Sabina Carr, president of the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden; Lisa New, CEO of the Dallas Zoo; board members, and more saying it was his honor to add his greetings to everyone.
Dr. Stuart said how long ago when she first met JD, they would meet to talk about what color tulips to plant and now they are talking about sustainability. She said, “In the midst of this city of tall buildings, concrete and glass runs a ribbon of water, Turtle Creek. It houses birds, fish, turtles, ducks – a place of beauty for us to enjoy, but it must be preserved and protected,” thanking everyone for their support.
After presenting Dr. Stuart with a thank-you gift, JD introduced Betty Reiter, owner of her namesake boutique and sponsor of today’s fashion presentation. Betty described this spring’s fashions as bright, colorful, and full of happiness. Models paraded through the room dressed in fun prints, playful designs, sophisticated and casual ensembles, some matched with hats and fabulous totes.
The luncheon included spinach salad with strawberries and raspberry vinaigrette, a main course of airline chicken, parsnip whipped Yukons, broccolini with lemon zest, and a dessert of old-fashioned Happy Birthday indulgent chocolate cake paired with wines and champagne.
Addressing the pressing challenges facing Turtle Creek's health, JD emphasized the importance of ongoing efforts to tackle these issues. A poignant video presentation followed, highlighting why preserving this urban oasis is crucial for the entire Dallas community.
The focus then turned to the organization's priorities, outlined in the recently completed master plan. Key initiatives include enhancing the creek's health and ecosystem, with plans to dredge the creek for the first time in 25 years, address critical bank stabilization, and find a long-term solution to the serious trash issue.
Amidst the anticipation, JD shared the much-awaited announcement saying, “I’m thrilled to share with you that TCA has been allotted $1,000,000 from the 2024 Capital Bond Program to be used towards addressing our dredging and bank stabilization efforts." These funds, secured through the efforts of Councilperson Paul Ridley, mark a significant milestone for TCA's advocacy efforts.
JD emphasized that the allocation is contingent upon passing the bond, urging everyone to exercise their right to vote. This news marks a significant milestone for the organization, validating its tireless advocacy and dedication to preserving Turtle Creek's beauty and integrity. With the support of its patrons and the broader community, TCA is poised to continue making a meaningful impact for years to come.
Guests left with a lovely parting gift sponsored by Betty Reiter, and Home Health Companions.
For more information about the Turtle Creek Association and how you can support its mission, visit  Link to the above video by Maurice Ballew:
About the Turtle Creek Association: The Turtle Creek Association (TCA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to safeguarding, preserving, and enhancing a 90-acre corridor that serves as Dallas's front yard, renowned for the scenic beauty of Turtle Creek. Despite its significance, Turtle Creek faces challenges as a primary recipient of storm water runoff from the city. With each rainfall, the creek becomes inundated with trash and debris, posing threats to wildlife and impeding its natural flow. TCA has taken proactive measures to address this issue, leading efforts in manual trash removal while actively pursuing a permanent solution. Additionally, we are committed to ensuring the sustainability and aesthetic appeal of Turtle Creek's landscape, especially considering our region's increasingly extreme weather patterns. To achieve this, we are transitioning to native drought-resistant plant species, fostering a resilient and vibrant ecosystem for future generations. Importantly, all of these efforts are being undertaken without city funding. 

Photos by Rob Wythe/Wythe Portrait Studio

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