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Whiteley&Wier.jpg Philip Wier, Editor-In-Chief; Carmaleta Whiteley, Director of Marketing, Charity Dallas. Photo by Dana Driensky.


DALLAS (Sept. 29, 2014)—Early 2015 marks the launch of Charity Dallas, a publication that aims to become the standard program at charitable events, devoted to supporting Dallas-area philanthropic organizations.

 At no cost to charities, Charity Dallas will create luxury-quality event programs for up to 48 charitable fundraising events during its first year. In addition, Charity Dallas will underwrite the cost of an event photographer and offer each charity up to 6 pages of advertising space, the proceeds of which go entirely to the charity.

 Marketing Director Carmaleta Whiteley, an experienced fundraiser said, “Our mission is to help charities lower their cost of event fundraising so more funds are returned to their beneficiaries. This arrangement can positively impact an event’s bottom line.”

 Only 23 advertisers will be highlighted in the 48-page publication, which will feature a monthly cover story by Dallas writer and author Sally Blanton, a charity profile, volunteer spotlight and photos from recent events.

 Media and events veteran Philip Wier, editor-in-chief, said, “This is a win-win for everyone. Charities save expenses and get a beautifully printed program that enhances their event, and advertisers get to connect with a highly targeted and loyal market.”

 Charities wishing to explore a partnership with Charity Dallas may contact Carmaleta Whitely at Prospective advertisers are invited to contact Charity Dallas at For more information, visit or call 214-215-8558.

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