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Rob Joyner, Daniela Pasqualini, Elaine Chiao/Addison Sloane, Jessica Chaix, Julie Dailey, Lavanya Challa, Grace McCraw

Husband and wife team Karl Chiao and Elaine Chiao/Addison Sloane launched the Addison Sloane Artworks First Annual Dallas Art Affair with an exhibit featuring six local artists at their gallery.  Addison and Rob Joyner paired up with four fellow artists, Daniela Pasqualini, Jessica Chaix, Julie Dailey, and Lavanya Challa to participate in this first annual event, which shows through Saturday, October 16, 2021. Visit the website to keep updated on more events happening through 2022.        

“This event is a celebration of our Dallas artist community,” Addison said. “These up-and-coming artists are exhibiting three to five pieces each, including a few large photographs by my daughter, Alexandra Sizemore, which results in a very dynamic and active collection.”       

In one exceptionally striking photo which Alexandra took while hiking up Mt. Royal in Frisco, Colorado, the trees are contrasted against a black background which is from the shadow of the mountain blocking the afternoon sun, leaving the onlooker to fantasize about their own dialogue with Mother Nature captured in just that moment.       

The artists’ creations are a suite of colorful engagements of acrylics, oils, watercolors and mixed media, from small (about 5” by 5”) to very large, encouraging reflection and discovery while at the same time, the observer is entertained by the individual expression of each piece.         

One of the artworks was accidentally created when Karl was painting the gallery walls and dropped a mass of white paint on the black floor. It is situated in an obvious spot in the middle of the aisle, where visitors almost can’t help but walk on it.  “I thought about cleaning it up,” Karl said, “but decided to make my own statement, leave it there and sign it instead.”

The gallery hours are by appointment only. Contact or call 214-536-5552. 

About Elaine Chiao/Addison Sloane: Elaine has been a renowned interior designer and remodeler for over 25 years. As of about 6 years ago, her clients started asking for art as part of the design. Not being able to find on the market what her clients wanted because of the bespoke nature of their requests, Elaine decided to create the unique art pieces herself under the name Addison Sloane. Her clients liked them so much that she started doing more, and eventually was picked up by the store Talulah & Hess in Lakewood as a featured artist. In 2020, she decided that she would like to transition into becoming a full-time artist as that's what she enjoyed doing the most - being creative.
More bio here: IG: @addisonsloaneartworks 

About Karl Chiao:  Karl Chiao is the current Executive Director of the Dallas Historical Society at the Hall of State in Fair Park.

Karl received his Bachelors in Political Science from Texas A&M University and his Juris Doctorate from SMU School of Law.  He has lived and worked in the Dallas region for over 30 years and has been actively involved in the community during that time. 

Over the past 30 years, Karl has gained vast experience in the business and non-profit world. His professional experience includes work in banking, collectibles and sales. Prior to joining DHS, Karl led the expansion efforts of Louisiana based Business 1st Bank into the Texas market, to which he is still an advisor. Additionally, Karl has been involved in the Collectibles and Alternative Assets space as the Managing Director of ArtBanc, the Sales Manager of Maserati/Bentley/Rolls Royce of Dallas, and as the head of Trusts & Estates and Corporate & Institutional collections for Heritage Auctions, where he worked with collectors and their representatives nationwide to manage their collections, from Art and Automobilia to Luxury Goods and Wine. Karl worked in the family office space doing real estate development deals before transitioning into the collectibles world.

Karl has been very involved with various non-profits in Dallas, including serving on the Boards of Dallas Summer Musicals, Methodist Richardson Medical Center Foundation, and Dallas Historical Society. He has also served on the Advisory Councils of Mercury One Foundation, Dallas International Film Festival, UT Dallas Center For Vital Longevity, Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau’s Sport Marketing Committee, EarthX Films, and Park Cities Quail Coalition.


* Photos by Danny Campbell

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