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Chuck and Gena Norris

Mercury One’s First Ever Virtual Event: America Goes Back to Work

Gena and Chuck Norris Receive Bonhoeffer Angel”Award


Gena and Chuck Norris received the Bonhoeffer “Angel” Award at Mercury One’s first ever Virtual Event: America Goes Back to Work  hosted by founders Tania and Glenn Beck. Mercury One is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit humanitarian aid and education organization focused on restoring the human spirit based in Dallas, Texas.

 WATCH: Mercury One Next Chapter: America Goes Back to Work


 Thanking sponsors and those who made the night possible:

 “This evening we celebrate an unforgettable evening of hope, heritage and the best of humanity,” Glenn Beck, Founder of Mercury One said. “On this special night, we rejoice in the lives of those impacted by our humanitarian relief efforts, education programs, and preservation of American heritage. Together, we will chart the way forward as we seek to better our country and the world around us.” 

“Without the support of the community, none of this is possible,” Suzanne Grishman, Executive Director of Mercury One said. “This event is critical to our success as the funds raised support Mercury One’s general operations, ensuring that all program donations go directly to those that need it most.” 

Beck revealed that 2021 will be the 10th Anniversary and the beginning of the next chapter of Mercury One. He was joined by David Barton, founder of WallBuilders and his son, Tim Barton, president of WallBuilders, to unveil the American Journey Experience, a place where people can learn the real history of the United States and be immersed in the documents, artifacts, and stories that molded our country. The American Journey Experience features a myriad of American antiquities, including Franklin D. Roosevelt's wheelchair, the original script for Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds," and original letters written by President George Washington.  

Event sponsors at different levels received a virtual in-home package, a chef-prepared meal delivered to their home. Rodney Strong Wine Estates provided a virtual in-home wine tasting presented by their winemaker and educator. A raffle featured a 2020 Mercedes-Benz A220 Sedan or A Once in a lifetime experience for an All-Expenses paid trip (airfare, transportation, hotel and meals) for two people to Dallas, Texas for a two-night stay and a day with Mercury One. The winner and guest will receive a tour of The New American Journey Training Center and the new American Journey Vault with Glenn Beck and David Barton.

Sponsors included: an Anonymous donor, John Pellegrino, Jr., Patriot Mobile, Gena and Chuck Norris with KickStart Kids, Woodforest National Bank, Rodney Strong Vineyards, The Nazarene Fund, Operation Underground Railroad, Marcus and Sara Rhem, Paul and Wendy Tackett, Kelly and Cindy Johnson, Heather Moon, Don Ross Nabb, Randall Barringer, Glenn and Dee Simmons Foundation, Heather Hanks and Brett Kathey, and D’Andra and Jeremy Lock. Host committee members included: Suzanne and Michael Grishman, Richard H. Rudolph II, Kevin and Tracy Campbell, Dena and Titus Weller, Travis and Dawn Simpson, Rhinehart and Associates, Inc., Madeline Chao, Judy Taylor and Peter Holt. 

To learn more about Mercury One’s Next Chapter, click here.  

(File photo of Chuck and Gena Norris from 2019 event by Dana Driensky.)

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