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 It has been a jam packed year of firsts at our Moody Family YMCA.  First basketball game in the gym, first birthday pool party, first graduation class from the preschool; it was an endless stream of inaugural events for the new Moody YMCA facility.  On Saturday November 25th, we shared another first!  Our first wedding!  Monique Robinson credits the Moody Family YMCA for saving her life.  She was in a trying time in her life when the Moody Y hired her as a part time ChildWatch Coordinator over a year ago. Monique has flourished as our ChildWatch Coordinator and now our as our full time Family Programs Coordinator.  If that weren't enough to make Monique eternally grateful for the Moody Y, one of her childwatch staff wanted to introduce Monique to her brother, Reginald.  The rest, they say, is history.  Monique and Reginald were married at the Moody YMCA on Saturday November 25th at 3:45pm, with a BodyPump class going on right next door.
We are not sure what other firsts await the Moody YMCA but we look forward to serving our community in any way we can.
Moody  Family YMCA
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