There are few purchases in life that are truly meant to last a lifetime, but a custom built home is certainly one of those purchases. As important as it is to build the house of your dreams, it is also important to ensure the architectural design of the home will last for generations to come.  Many of the homes in the Park Cities and surrounding areas (i.e., Lakewood, M Streets, Bluffview and Preston Hollow) were built in the 1920s. And while the kitchens and bathrooms have certainly undergone renovations (probably several) in the past 90 years, the architectural structures of these homes have remained intact.

Much like the classic “little black dress” found in the closets of most women or the classic men’s navy blazer, classic architectural design never goes out of style. Rather, it serves as the foundation from which interior design trends may be showcased. As design trends come and go, classic home architecture remains steadfast, protecting the architectural integrity of the neighborhood, the livability of the home and the buyer’s investment. Just as a new necklace and trendy shoes transform the little black dress, trendy interior design updates transform the classic architecture of a home, keeping it fashionably current from one decade to the next.

Employing an architecture firm to lead the design-build process of a new home assists in achieving a classic design that maximizes the buyer’s initial investment. Entrusting the renovation and updating process of an older home to an architectural firm ensures the integrity of the home’s design remains intact and all updates are consistent with the home’s architectural structure. Hardware updates such as doorknobs, kitchen and bath faucets, cabinets and molding should complement the owner’s personal style as well as the style of the home.

Having nearly 20 years of practice in the Park Cities and North Dallas, William S. Briggs, Architect, PLLC understands the unique character and charm of the area. From initial sketches to the placement of the last doorknob, William Briggs remains involved in the design-build process, ensuring clients are accurately represented in the construction process and that the architectural design is accurately interpreted as building progresses. William Briggs works diligently with the contractor, craftsmen, city officials, landscaper and interior decorator to see that all design details are effectively and cohesively executed. Design fads come and go; classic architecture is designed for now and later.   

William S. Briggs, Architect, PLLC

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