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Kitchen Fixtures | William Briggs Architect Dallas

When approaching a construction project, it is easy for clients to focus on square footage and room layout, while forgetting to think about all the smaller elements that create each room’s form and function.  Often these smaller items are left in the builders’ budgets as ‘allowance’ items.  This means the builder has allotted an assumed cost for items such as towel bars, cabinet hardware, drawer pulls, and more.   Depending on how much has been budgeted for these items, the owner may find the selection of poor quality or incompatible with their design desires.  This often results in rising costs, potential delays, and frustration.

The reality is that items such as  door knobs and faucets are often the first point of contact with the house,, yet these items slip through the cracks in the design and planning stage.  Something as seemingly insignificant as cabinet hardware contributes greatly to a kitchen’s overall design look and functionality.  Traditional, modern, novelty, round, square, cup pulls, rings- all of these are types of cabinet hardware from which you can choose and each should be carefully matched with the style you are seeking.  Considering what you like and don’t like about you current kitchen’s layout and feel can help you hone in on the smaller details that will help you customize your new space.  

Making these selections with the architect during the design and planning stage will allow for better budget control, an easier construction process, and a more consistent design feel.  So don’t forget to sweat the small stuff- doorknobs matter, too!

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