Your home is probably your most valuable investment. In addition to this financial asset, most families have sentimental and emotional ties to their real estate as well.

That’s why a remodel of your home should not be taken lightly. It may be tempting to make a quick decision, hire a contractor and start knocking down walls. But taking one simple step first will safeguard your investment in your home, while also providing a superior end result. Hire a professional architect.

If your remodeling job is significant in size, or your home is high in value, it is even more critical that you retain the services of a professional architect. In particular, an architect is critical when your project:

  • Costs 5 percent or more of the home’s value
  • Significantly alters the home’s floor plan
  • Makes changes to the building’s exterior
  • Makes changes to a home valued at $500,000 or more
  • Makes changes to a previous renovation.

The expertise of an architect is not limited to building design. Architects understand engineering, ergonomics, construction and more. By choosing the right architect, you will also have a much-needed advocate on your side until your remodeling project reaches its conclusion.

Working with an architect will provide key checks and balances for your project:

  • The architect will examine your home and listen to your project needs. Then, he can design a solution that will make your dreams come true within the structural confines of your existing home, with an eye for visual appeal, flow with the rest of the home, ergonomics and more.
  • The architect will work up floor plans or blue prints and provide approximate building costs. If your ideas bust the budget, an architect can help you decide which elements to keep, and where to compromise. His knowledge of energy consumption, building materials and labor costs can help you economize.
  • The architect can help you sort through contractor bids and select the best company.
  • The architect can work with structural engineers to make the permitting process go smoothly and quickly.
  • The architect can visit during construction to serve as a check on the contractor and to ensure that your vision for the project becomes a reality. The best hands-on architects can also serve as a single point of contact for you, so you don’t have to deal with multiple contractors and subcontractors during the remodeling process.
  • The architect can provide feedback, guidance and more to subcontractors, interior designers, landscape contractors and other professionals to ensure that everyone is working from the same concept.

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