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Built-In Office Desk William S. Briggs, Architect, Dallas, TX

I’ve always enjoyed tackling any kind of project, as long as good design was at the heart of it. From an 8,500 square foot home to a porch- there is no difference is the level of detail and skill that we bring to the table when crafting drawings. 

Recently, we received a request for a desk. This client, whose home we had worked on years ago, was going on sabbatical doing research and wanted to create a built-in desk to keep his work in order. Working within only an 8-foot space, we drafted drawings to meet his exact specifications. The planning included moving electrical outlets, relocating a wall, and adding sconce lights. When finished, this desk will become an integral part of the home and serve our client for years to come

William S. Briggs, Architect, PLLC

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