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Yoga can have life-changing benefits for all ages of people in all stages of life. When you practice yoga regularly, your mind clears and your body strengthens as you learn and grow. We Yogis has created a community of individuals who support who support one another inside and outside of the studio. If you are a part of the We Yogis community, at some point you have heard someone say, “those who namaste together, stay together”. We Yogis truly believes this and is reaching out this month to our members to encourage them to bring in a spouse, partner or other household member (14 years+) to share in their yoga practice. In appreciation of our members, that “special someone” will practice for free this month (thru November 27th) and hopefully you’ll hook them in for a couples membership going forward! For anyone not a member, if you sign up for a 5 or 10-pack during this month, you can be eligible for a free month for your plus one, as well. Help us help you share the love of yoga!


If you haven’t found We Yogis yet, we are conveniently located next to Chico’s on Lovers Lane just West of the Tollway. Remember…We Yogis has childcare, so your little one can play in our playroom while you play in our studio. See you on the mat!

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