October 9, 2016


Dear Mayor Lane:


We recognize the Strode rezoning request will be the most important decision the City Council makes under your leadership, and so on behalf of both the residents of University Park and the retailers in Snider Plaza, we are grateful you have decided to delay the consideration of this ordinance.  


We also agree this is a good time to rebuild the trust between you and your constituents.  As you know, rebuilding trust requires:  full transparency, open communication, and mutual respect between the parties. 


We would like to suggest two simple steps to rebuild that trust.  First:  Will you and Jim Strode join us at a community meeting either Wednesday, October 12, or Thursday, October 13 at 6:30 (whichever date is most convenient for you and Jim Strode) so Jim can present the latest proposal and renderings and the community can better understand the newest proposal and your thoughts on his rezoning request?  Neither the public nor the City Council has seen the renderings of the new plans, and the proposed ordinance was posted for the first time last Friday evening.   Second:  Would you instruct the City staff to fully disclose and turn over all of the city and City Council’s files and emails on the Strode matter by Tuesday, October 11? 


These two steps will start a healing process and rebuild the trust that has been lost in this zoning matter and give all parties all of the information to thoughtfully form their opinions. 


We know you love our city.  We love our city as much as you do and respectfully urge you to take these simple steps so this critically important community decision be made in complete transparency and after a respectful conversation over the community’s concerns about this rezoning request. 







cc:  University Park City Council

       Jim Strode



For the sake of full transparency, we would ask that this letter be published on the city’s website and your response to be published on the city’s website. 

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